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Skincare tips for newborn babies

Skincare tips for newborn babies

by Zubair Zh 08 Mar 2023 0 Comments

One of the most alluring things about babies is their silky soft skin. Yet, a baby’s skin requires even more care because it is more permeable than an adult’s and less able to retain moisture. A baby’s skin has fewer elastic fibers than an adult’s that lets more substances pass through. The outermost layer of a baby’s skin, the epidermis, isn’t as firmly attached to the deeper dermis layer. Because a new born baby’s skin is not fully developed it is more vulnerable to damage, which means that it needs to be treated with extra special care. Using just any skin care product is the most careless thing you can do. Even in baby product brands, opt for the best baby skincare products like SebaMed in Pakistan to ensure that your baby’s skin remains as soft and beautiful as it originally was. 

The experts at SebaMed Pakistan share some tips to make sure your baby’s skin stays smooth and healthy.

  1. Avoid exposure to the sun: Limit your baby’s time in the sun as much as possible because sunscreen is not recommended on babies who are younger than 6 months. When you do take your baby outside, try to keep its skin out of the sun, even in the winter. Cover its head with a hat and garments that cover the neck and ears. Make sure you dress your baby in loose-fitting, lightweight clothing that covers the arms and legs. If you take your baby out also it keep it duly hydrated. 
  2. Moisturize your baby’s skin: You can apply petroleum-jelly-based products, a superior quality moisturizing lotion free of perfumes and dyes and even plant based oils to keep the baby’s skin supple. Pure products will not irritate your baby’s already sensitive skin.
  3. Use proper pediatrician recommended bath products: Bath time is a crucial time for babies as they tend to wail and squirm. Yet, their cleanliness and hygiene is paramount. Making sure we use gentle products that will not hurt their eyes or skin is vital. Test the temperature of the water to ensure it is lukewarm and keep baths short. Use the SebaMed baby body wash, cleansing bar and baby shampoo for a safe bathing experience. After bathing, pat the baby completely dry and wrap it in a soft towel before dressing it. 
  4. Prevent rash: Rash especially in the diaper areas can make a baby extremely restless and the skin quickly becomes red and sore.  Try to keep the skin cool and avoid using oil-based products. A cool bath or washcloth and the use of SebaMed baby rash cream and SebaMed baby powder can help alleviate any itchiness and clear the rash.

The skin is the largest organ on your baby’s body, so it’s crucial to keep your baby’s skin clean and healthy.  Shop online for best baby skincare products now and have a range of baby skin and hair care products delivered to your doorstep. Your bundle of joy deserves the best protection from the first day. Opt for SebaMed’s clinically tested soap free products skillfully designed to nurture your face and body by maintaining the level of Ph 5.5.

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