How it Works

How It Works(

How do SebaMed Skincare works?

The Hidden Science of healthy skin unleashed!

Who doesn’t wish to get healthy and glowing skin? Owning a beautiful and radiant skin also signifies your well-maintained overall health.

Recognizing the importance of skin is the first step towards retaining good skin health. Are you convinced with the promotional moves of huge skincare brands? Well, then you might be on a wrong turn as the Ph levels in this product lead to further skin damages. So, what’s right for your skin health?

Sneak peek into a skincare regime

Your skin contains a specific acid mantle that acts as a defending force against external environmental irritants along with dehydration. There is a hydrolipid film on your skin that acts as a protective barrier. A slightly acidic skin aids in retaining good health of your skin’s outer layer known as Stratum Corneum. Besides, over more than 100 clinical researches confirm and adhere to the finding that the Ph level of 5.5 is essential to protect your skin. It is also helpful in keeping the environmental allergens and pollutants away from your skin!

What happens if this acid mantle breaks?

How essential is the protective barrier of your skin? Any disruption in your skin health can lead to dry and oversensitive skin. In several cases, the skin quality ruins from outside and gets deteriorated due to multiple reasons. Weather changes, allergens, infection and irritants are external factors that break your skin cover. Besides, there are also many internal factors affecting your skin health such as diseases, hormones and stress. All of this leads to skin sensitivity, inflammation and redness in a few cases.

What it leads to? Breakage of the skin’s protective barrier leads to loss of natural moisture and nourishment. And this makes your skin more prone to various allergies and infections.

How is SebaMed unique from other skincare products?

SebaMed is an ancient brand serving millions of customers with soap-free products since the 1960s. Every product under our brand matches your skin’s natural hydrolipid barrier, giving you a supple and glowing skin. In terms of uniqueness and quality, no other beauty product can beat the excellence of SebaMed products.


Dr Maurer researched and came up with a soap-free face cleansing wash with an acidic level of Ph 5.5. And then his journey of mega-success began with SebaMed. Initially, Dr Heinz Maurer came up with a unique solution designed to treat diseased skin. And the overwhelming market response for this product motivated him to proceed with the research. He introduced his range as medicated skincare products’ Sebapharma- Medicinal skin cleansing and skincare’.

Earlier in those times, patients dealing with various skin diseases could not think of regular body hygiene. Dermatologists imposed strict bans on washing with soap, and the patients refrained from any other options. And the disgusting feel of not cleaning their body and face daily led to vulnerable depression in them. Considering this scenario, Dr Maurer indulged himself in the process of understanding the basics of level Ph 5.5 and its role in acting as a natural shield for your skin.

He realized that this acid mantle could protect people from germs, bacteria, environmental pollutants and bacteria. After the comprehensive research process by Dr Maurer, he pioneered a magnificent skin cleansing product that stabilizes that Ph 5.5 level in the skin and creates a natural mantle.

And the first trial of SebaMed product was not on animals making it again different from others. At a hospital in Bonn, Maurer used his soap-free cleansing bar for the first time in eczema patients. The medical directors of his clinic were unaware of this trial, but patients were delighted with the effects of this cleansing solution. People with skin diseases got to know the way for solving hygiene problems with this bar. The eczema patients faced a hygiene tranquillity with a Ph 5.5 cleansing solution and were receptive to the existing treatment.

Dr Maurer had to pay a hefty price for his research!

Hospital imposed a permanent ban on his soap and following it, Dr Maurer left the hospital in 1953. This gave him the vision to pursue his aspirations and make further modifications in the cleansing lotion.

Birth of SebaMed Product No. 1

1963- It was the historic year when Dr Heinz Maurer started producing the first soap-free cleansing bar. Soon after the conception of SebaMed products, Dr Maurer introduced the world to ‘soap without soap’. A moderate acidic level of Ph 5.5 was a perfect cleansing bar for people suffering through severe skin diseases. And he even made a bold statement to challenge the medical world that people are using faulty washing practices from the past 2000 years.

1967- Foundation of Sebamat-Chemie GmbH got laid, and production of other cleansing bars started. Dr Maurer started receiving generous support for its medical products from pharmacies and other dermatologists. Experts from the medical field got stunned because skin diseases can also begin to wash which obsolete till then. It increased the significance of physical hygiene among people.

After that, SebaMed received market presence and acceptance from all over. And it gained recognition as ‘Ph neutral’ products. Even then, there was a lot of debate and confusion amongst the experts on the fact that pH 5.5 is the right value to restore the acid mantle of your skin or not.

Dr Maurer soon turned out to be a big entrepreneur who stood successful in every role and task. His acceptance of the Ph 5.5 concept took over the market of medical skincare within no time.

SebaMed- Proven science to nurture healthy skin

SebaMed skincare product ensures you a better level of safety and compatibility. Every product here is dermatologically tested and is proven effective on all types of skin issues. As a result, there is very minimal risk of buying any wrong or faulty product.


You need to know that every product under the label of SebaMed is effectively designed to maintain the physiological pH of the skin. Complete range of SebaMed products works amazingly on all types of sensitive skin types. Irrespective of whether you are suffering through any skin diseases or other problems, this product shows amazing effects on each wash.

Expert skincare experts and dermatologists from all over work day and night to create top-notch products. Scientists and researchers carry out extensive study and develop every product after observing every single feature and component.

Careful selection of cosmetic ingredients, impeccable quality and right amounts bring out the sound effect on every skin type. And the unique part of SebaMed products is no advertising gimmicks, and promotional tactics get used for brand expansion. Sebapharms sticks to the principle of high-quality ingredient use in SebaMed products that show up effective results on the skin.

High-end raw materials undergo a very high-level quality check to pass the quality parameters of SebaMed products. And there are no potential allergenic substances or other unnecessary chemicals in the products which are impeccable in terms of tolerability. Special care is given to the primary care regime for skin diseases to heal their damaged skin. Every product under the SebaMed brand is keenly researched and certified as per the European Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) to avail the seal of ‘allergy friendly’.



  • Dedication invention and Research centre.
  • Top-Notch level professionals.
  • The comprehensive dermatologic research process.
  • Clinically approved.
  • Every product undergoes stringent tolerability check with over 120 legit studies.

Above all that, Sebapharma goes through endless and ongoing research trials for several dermatological products to avail expert medical skincare.


Every SebaMed product leaves the manufacturing unit in Boppard only after a close screening and dermatological testing. Over 100 scientific studies prove SebaMed products’ tolerability and ascertain SebaPharma skincare competency for problematic skin.

A well-qualified research and development department is the basis of this company that guarantees corporate philosophy’s correct execution. Our core team of qualified microbiologists, cosmetic chemists, chemical laboratory specialists, engineers and the pharma lab assistants ensures that all products keep pace with the safety standards.

The highly developed innovation centre also ensures that SebaMed products focus on individual skin care needs.



  • Adheres to the highest quality standards.
  • Thorough checks from raw materials, product conception to production.
  • Application of competitive methodology and analysis.
  • Thorough verification process for microbiological purity.
  • Assured optimal preservation.

Without the Quality Assurance (QA) release, no bottle, bar, gel or tube can leave the Sebapharma premises. An analysis department is equipped with advanced analytical tools like HPLC (High-pressure lipid chromatography and GC (Gas Chromatography) units. In-depth scrutiny of ingredients, purity, concentration and quality assure a perfect finished product.


SebaMed product range caters to several requirements such as cleansing and more than 150 other skincare products. Various categories for these products include:

  • Body Region- Feet, hands, hair, lips, face and body.
  • Gender/age- Men’s products, baby care and young skincare.
  • Special ingredients- Hyaluronic acid, Urea and Phytosterols.

We cater to the skincare system in over 80 countries with variations due to climatic conditions and cultural differences.