Privacy Policy

SebaMed Pakistan diligently follows a stringent and transparent privacy policy related to the products and services. We cater to the privacy and confidentiality of our customers and work in their best interests.

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1. Gathering data
We retain and follow the data voluntarily provided by the customers after their registration with us. Our focus is towards gathering information on all products and services and sharing it with you. Personal data that we hold depends on your level of interactions with relevant product choices and features used by you. List of data we have with us include:

  • First, last and middle name.
  • Contact address and mobile details.
  • Business number and social media data.
  • Other information gathered through phone number, address, email id, social media and other relevant data.
  • Information collected from surveys, financial information like invoice, credit card number and purchase history for account authentication.
  • Credentials such as passwords and security data.
  • Payment information for data collection like the security code and credit card details.
  • Social media login data like Facebook, Google and other logins.

Ensure that all the details you collect are accurate and correct to our knowledge. We also collect automated information for navigation of services. And we optimize the automatic details like the IP address, language preference, browser data, country location and other technical details.
All this helps us in maintaining the operational security, internal analytics and another reporting system. We use cookies system, tools and protocols, applications, IP address (Internet Protocol) and analytics tool.

2. Data usage
We access all the personal details gathered through services for legit business interests. Use of information also helps in entering the contract for compliance with the legal obligations. Use of all the data aims at:

  • Simplify the log on and account creation process.
  • Linkage to the third-party account like Facebook or Google.
  • To carry out a promotional strategy for marketing purpose.
  • Association with third-party marketing partners.
  • Managing and fulfilment or orders, returns, exchange and payments or services.
  • For posting Testimonials and managing them.
  • Content display and tailored advertising for better efficacy.
  • Organizing competition-related lucky draws and prizes.
  • Feedback request for services.
  • Monitoring of fraud and prevention.
  • Enforcing legal policies, business purpose, terms and conditions.
  • Inspection of legal data.
  • Managing user accounts for service request.
  • Response to queries and customer support.
  • Evaluation of products, services and consent.

3. Sharing of data
We might use your data for the information sharing on a legal basis:

  • Avail consent for the personal data.
  • Data processing for legitimate business interests.
  • To fulfil the terms of the contract.
  • Meeting legal obligations, court order, judicial proceeding and governmental requests.
  • Disclosure of vital data to prevent policy violations, frauds and potential threats.
  • Consultants, vendors and third-party service provider.
  • Data analysis, hosting services, email delivery and payment processing.

We do not use any other confidential data apart from described the policy stated above. As per our policy, we do not share, rent or sell any other data for the promotional reasons. All the contracts stay in place with us, and we are stringent in sharing our data with others.

We might also share the business transfer data for the purposes such as negotiations, financing, mergers and sale of company assets. Third-party advertisers and affiliates use this information for any ventures or other collaboration.

4. Cookies
We might ask for accepting cookies so that you can access information through it. Following are the reasons for which we might need cookies:

  • User computer recognition for the website visit.
  • Browsing various activities on the website through the tracking system.
  • Enhances user-friendliness of the website.
  • Website evaluation.
  • Operational purposes.
  • Fraud prevention and website security.
  • Website design to meet the user requirements.

Cookies are also helpful in operating the user behaviour and optimizing its overall site performance.

5. Social media logins
You can register and login to view our services through social media login credentials such as Twitter or Facebook login. For this, we will fetch some details from your profile and the social media provider such as profile picture, email address and other crucial information. It is also a part of our dedicated privacy policy and preferences set on the app.

6. Third party websites
Another crucial part of our privacy policy is the affiliation to the third party websites like other mobile apps or online services. However, this does not guarantee the privacy and safety of your valuable data by any means. Also, we are not responsible for the security practices and policies of third party websites or applications linked to our services. As a result, it is advisable to view the other providers' third party policies and contact them directly.

7. Retention of crucial data
We only use personal data that is necessary for the privacy policy and contains permission as per the law like accounts and tax. And the only purpose of this policy is to retain and establish a better connection with our customers. If there is no other ongoing legit business, we automatically either delete or make your information anonymous. Further, the data would process only after the complete processing part completes.

8. Security of data
We implement organizational and technical measures to ensure security protection for saving personal data in the process. But, as there are loopholes in everything, even the internet itself is not 100% safe. Hence, the transmission of personal data and services is possible but at your own risk. You can access all the services but only in a secured environment.

9. Privacy rights
We completely adhere to your consent for processing the personal information, and you pertain the sole right to withdraw consent at any time. However, we also hold the authority to modify or terminate your account and information linked in it. It is often for the prevention of fraud and other legal requirements that we use of your data. You also can opt to move out of email marketing by clicking at the unsubscribe link mentioned on the email list. Service- related emails might still work for authentication purposes.

10. DATA BREACH policy
Privacy breach refers to the inappropriate access or disclosure of personal details. We would notify you when we identify any potential harm to your account. Unauthorized access to your crucial data is under prompt investigation as our surveillance authority can take quick action within 72 hours.

Majority of the mobile operating systems and browsers follow a ‘DNT’ or Do-Not-Track feature to monitor and browse your activities. Timely recognition and implementation of DNT signals help in quick communication and efficient tracking.

We strictly prohibit and abstain from imitating our content in linking to the license and permission for its use. You are although granted the permission to follow incidental acts and take out the prints for private purposes. But the license to recopy is available only under restricted situations.

13. Disclaimer for liability and warranty
We stand by the liability and permit warranty for every content relevant to the site. You can also extend the legal permission for using the site.

14. Term amendments
We also reserve all rights for modification of terms and their legit imitation on a timely basis. However, these amendments are subject to revisions and timely updates thereon. Apart from this, for further queries on the Privacy Policy of SebaMed Pakistan, you can write to us at