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Restores your natural Acid Mantle!

SebaMed works as a natural defense system for your skin. Any skin impurities are best dealt with this wonderful solution.

What does pH 5.5 mean?

It is a primary criterion for the composition of all SebaMed product range. Let's understand it by knowing the whole concept of Ph 5.5. We all have been using the conventional soaps for cleaning purposes since long and their results are also quite impressive.
However, they pertain the Ph level between 9 to 10, which states its high-level alkalinity for the skin. If you have sensitive skin, using such high Ph levels can be a total disaster. On the other hand, SebaMed undergoes an extensive process to maintain the adequate pH level that works wonders on your pretty skin!
pH Scale

What’s the sign of healthy skin?

If you own healthy skin, an acidic hydrolipid barrier has a Ph value of 5.5. All the products by SebaMed maintain the Ph balance and act in support of the skin's barrier functions. Regular application and use of SebaMed products might also keep you away from the medicated prescriptions from dermatologists. Every product is designed, keeping in mind the proper skincare regime. Abstain from using any alkaline soaps that are harsh on your natural acid mantle and might lead to dryness and irritation. It is a secret to gorgeous and stunning skin that you live in!

Why choose SebaMed?

Unlike you, your skin needs an excellent equilibrium to retain good health, and the optimal skincare is the only solution. Those having delicate skin need to consider more of it as they are prone to higher skin-related issues. Every product under the SebaMed range is skillfully designed to nurture your face and body by maintaining the level of Ph 5.5. When you switch your skincare routine to SebaMed, an acidic barrier protects your skin from the external impurities and dirt.


 Live in healthy skin!

Any change in your skin's Ph value can work as a protective shield for the acid mantle. With this, you can cope with problems such as allergies, skin infection, dehydration and skin irritation.

Core cleansing of skin!

Using skin cleansing products consisting of alkaline can ruin the natural physiological skin layer leading to dehydration issues.

Damaged Skin & Healthy Skin

No more soaps! Switch to Sebamed!

Many might disagree that soap is an existing washing and cleansing agent for thousands of years. So, how could it cause damages!

Alkaline-based traditional soaps can disturb the natural Ph of skin and deplete essential lipids and moisture from your skin. Not just this, it can also cause damages to the natural protective skin mantle. And all of this can lead to stinging, irritation and enhanced stress on your skin.

SebaMed gives you an all-inclusive skincare solution for men and women of all age groups and types. It also maintains the natural barrier of Ph 5.5. Other skincare range by SebaMed includes clear face, age defense and baby products. And every product under the Sebamed range is dermatologists approved and tested for the sensitive skin types.




Facing problems due to sensitive skin- Try Sebamed!

Its not just any regular skincare product but a medicated skin care solution created after years of research and scientific findings. Every product by Sebamed includes premium quality active- ingredients that nourish and cleanses the skin pores deeply. And you achieve all this while keeping the natural acid mantle of your skin untouched. More than 120 scientific researches test and verify the compatibility of all Sebamed product range. And its competence to the problematic and sensitive skin is also at par. Classic Sebamed product ranges include Baby Sebamed, Anti-Dry, Sun Care, Classic, Clear face, Visio and Sun Care.


Origin of SebaMed

A every human skin has a protective hydrolipid barrier which is clinically known as the acid mantle. It helps in retaining the natural lipids and moisture in your skin. Besides, it controls bacteria, toxins and blocks outside germs as well. If you face other problematic skin issues like dermatitis, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis, your skin acid mantle is not proper. And it also ensures skin protection from other external damages. In the year 1967, Dr. Heinz Maurer came up with a first soap-free cleansing bar with a Ph level of 5.5 that acts as a natural acid mantle for your skin. The credit of this medical skincare product range by SebaMed goes to Dr. Maurer. He was the first who discovered the intolerance of eczema patients from taking frequent baths. As a result, his discovery of the first soap-free cleansing bar worked as a boon to eczema patients who could wash up while staying carefree from skin hazards. And that’s how SebaMed proved a boon for people with skin diseases.


SebaMed now has an extensive range of skincare products including the clear face, Baby SebaMed, Age defense and the precise face bar. And every SebaMed product is clinically tested but does not harm animals for the testing process.

Preserve your most valuable asset with SebaMed- The Skin!

Your skin is a shelter you live in, and when it comes to taking care of it, there should not be any compromise from your end. It means retaining the healthy acid mantle of your skin is essential with the Ph level of 5.5. For a soft, supple and radiant skin; start using the SebaMed range of products today itself! And yes it is free from side-effects and other harmful chemicals. So, no matter whatever skin type you have, start using SebaMed skincare range and feel the difference!


Sebamed is Ideal for Individuals with Sensitive and Problematic Skin, such as: