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Every skin has a dedicated Ph value depending on the hydrolipid film of the skin’s surface that consists of water. A study carried out several years ago revealed that skin contains a mild acidic layer to it. And after some advancements to it, the healthy acidic level of skin got a Ph value of 5.5. the Ph value gets evident due to the sebum, sweat and horny cells in your skin. This acidic texture of your skin’s surface was later on known as the ‘acid mantle’. It gives a shield to your skin against harmful allergies, irritants and infections. Your acid mantle also performs a natural deodorant function that reduces the bacterial breakdown that leads to foul odour. Hence, protecting this acid mantle is of utmost importance. Using a regular soap for cleansing your body can increase the pH level from 8 to 12, destroying the acid mantle. Therefore, it is advisable to use the ‘Ph neutral’ products likeSebaMed that retain the quality of your skin’s acid mantle!

SebaMed refers to a ‘Syndet’ which is a perfect combination of ‘synthetic detergent’. Let's explain the actual difference between regular soap and our products with a pH value of 5.5. A traditional soap consists of several fatty acids and formulas that include caustic soda. And the outcomes of any soap with a high pH value is high alkaline proportion. But it is in no way conducive to your skin’s mantle and therefore gives you a shield against harmful pollutants of nature. Few cleansing components of SebaMed products are natural such as sugar Tenside, Amino Acid Tenside and the Cocamidopropyl Betaine. There are also several other synthetic agents like the Sodium Laureth Sulphate that might harm your skin. But SebaMed is much mild and provides a complete moisturizing of the skin. And any of our products is non-reactive to the actual skin structure and proteins. Unlike conventional soaps, it does not even disturb that original protective lipid layer ofskin. SebaMed cleanses off deeply and refrains from leaving behind any film as well.

For all types of skin, SebaMed is the best option! Whether you have a sensitive, normal or the combination skin type; SebaMed is a perfect solution. The ultra-gentle formula of SebaMed is also impeccable for the problematic skin and is quite useful as well. It can cope up with the special skincare needs along with a unique formulation of pH 5.5. Above all, SebaMed also enhances thenatural barrier of your skin.

We do not provide any skin-related or medical advice on any products, not doctors. In case you have an allergic skin type; it is vital to get a consultation from a licensed dermatologist. There is no surety that our products would not cause any reactions, as every person might have varied reactions. However, even if there are any adverse allergies; they are also relatively minimal. For the sensitive skin types, you need to try the SebaMed products uniquely. Take a little amount of SebaMed product on the elbow's inner part for at least five consecutive days. After that, you need to observe the result for the next week carefully. Even after that if there is no reaction, you might usethis for regular usage. This is a standard method to try and test the effects of any product.

We ensure that there is no animal testing for any of our products. Manufacturing of all SebaMed products are free from the involvement of animals by any means. We have a stringent ban on animal testing and ensure that all our products are free from it. SebaMed did not ever supportanimal testing on products.

Yes, you could avail the loyalty credit points on every order placed by you. Loyal customers can also grab the loyalty credit, which is proportional to the 5% of the order. But this value excludes the shipping charges from it. And the loyalty credit is applicable on every other order after the recently shipped one. Loyalty credit by SebaMed has a 60 days validity from the date when your order is outfor shipping.

All the ingredients in SebaMed are gentle and mild, facilitating the customers to adopt them quickly. Are you unsure if SebaMed is suitable for your skin or not? For your reference, everyproduct in our brand goes through the patch test to ensure that you invest in the right products.

We provide you with timely offers and subscriptions on various products and items. All our subscribed customers can get a good discount on all orders. You can also avail the auto shipment fora period of 30, 60, 90 and 180 days.

Moisturizing face cream by SebaMed comprises a 2.3% Vitamin E in the right concentration and has an antioxidant effect. Its quality is at par from the competitor brands. All products by SebaMed go perfect with the sensitive skin and gives a soothing effect. For the people with problematic skin conditions like allergies or eczema; SebaMed products act as a natural barrier. Besides, our face cream also has a better value and serves as an economical choice for many. Using only a smallproportion of this cream, you can efficiently apply it all over the face.

Combination of soap and water can result in an alkaline solution having a Ph value from 8 to 12. Even the ph value of 7 is known as a neutral point and considered less harmful to the skin. But the ph value of 5.5 refers to the position where your skin is naturally acidic and owns an acid mantle. If there is no acid mantle, the skin’s natural defence system protects your skin from irritants pathogens and dehydration. As a result, there are high chances of your skin facing several problems. Use of soap can also lead to swelling of the skin. Soaps can make your skin feel smooth at first, but later they encourage the effect of environmental pollutants. As a result, your skin starts losing moisture slowly. Once the soap reacts with the lime in hard water, its efficacy reduces and facilitates proper skin cleansing. The higher volume of alkaline solution can also affect adversely on skin. Using the soap-free cleansers having a pH value of 5.5 does not lead to skin swelling. As a result, it preservesthe natural skin texture. Now you can understand the harm of soap for sensitive skin types.

If you are looking for the products containing SPF in the SebaMed list, you might get disappointed for now. Although there are items with the SPF content for sale internationally, theyare not yet accessible in the Pakistan market.

SebaMed follows the usage of natural ingredients that is suitable for all the skin types. All products by us are also created from organic ingredients. However, it also includes a few synthetic ingredients that work in favour of your skin. Depending on the individual skin type, you can refer tothe list of ingredients in it. Hence, you can make the ultimate choice as per personal preferences.

Both these ingredients are the wash-active substances that comprise of a typical chemical structure. As a result, the effects of Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) are different on the skin. The irritancy rate of SLS is higher in comparison to SLES. The SLS is a preferable irritant for the dermatological patch testing. As per the CIR reviews, it consists of SLES formulation on the whole, and it must be a non-irritant. Every product under the SebaMed range is non-irritating in comparison to SLES amongst vivo and vitro tests. We do not make use of SLS for anyof the SebaMed products.

Yes, the majority of the products by SebaMed contain some value of fragrance in it. All our products, including fragrances, do not consist of any allergens that are prominent in scents. You can notice that all the other market products claimed as ‘fragrance-free’ comprise of fragrance blockers.Our products have a pleasant, mild and hypoallergenic scent.

Color additives are an essential part of all skincare products but are mostly free from all types of allergies. Several products by SebaMed free from additives are a liquid face and body wash, SebaMed cleansing bar, shampoos, lotions, creams and clear face deep cleansing toner. You can rely on all our products to get the best effects free from any adverse reactions. Start using our exclusive range of products and see the difference for yourself today. You can also sneak through the list ofadditive to avail detailed information on the same.