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7 Destructive Hair-Habits and How to Dodge Them with Sebamed

7 Destructive Hair-Habits and How to Dodge Them with Sebamed

by Zubair Zh 08 Mar 2023 0 Comments

Women spend half the time beautifying and styling their hair and then the remaining time trying to find the best shampoo for damaged hair to sort the mess they have made. In the quest of making our hair look the best, we tend to damage the hair without actually realizing the harm done.

There are countless habits associated with hair that without our knowing destroys the health of our hair and Sebamed is here to help you identify 7 of those major habits. Here are 7 destructive hair-habits and ways how to change them by Sebamed:

Washing hair by rubbing shampoo into the length of the hair:

Even rubbing with shampoo into the length of the hair can cause damage. Hence, gently massaging shampoo into the scalp and then rinsing without any inch of rubbing is the way to go at it. Don’t forget deep conditioner for damaged hair is important after shampooing.

Drying the hair by rubbing with the towel:

Towel can cause dryness and make hair fall easily so wrapping your hair into cotton t-shirt to absorb water and then letting them air dry is the right way to dry hair.

Brushing the hair while it is wet:

Wet hair are delicate hence break very easily and in bulk with brush strokes so if you have straight hair let them dry a little before using a wide-tooth comb to brush them and if you have textured hair or tight curls brush with wide-tooth comb while hair are still damp.

Use of hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, and hair styling products:

We often style our hair using different products such as moose or hair spray after using a blow-dryer or curling or flat iron which makes the hair vulnerable. Trying hairstyles that don’t involve such products and gadgets is a choice and if one needs to use the gadgets using them at the lowest heat setting is the correct way to dodge damage.

Pulling the hair into tight hairstyles very often:

Pulling hair into tight hairstyles every now and then pull on the roots, making them weak or breaking the hair. Putting hair into loose hairstyles without pulling on them and using covered rubber bands will ensure less and less harm.

Coloring, perming or brushing hair 100 or more strokes per day:

Coloring and perming are destructive towards hair, and brushing in such high counted strokes can definitely pull a lot of hair off the head. Hence less strokes per day with no coloring and perming especially in the dry winter season is ideal.

Using wrong hair-care products:

Choosing the wrong shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair leads to more destruction hence head for the best shampoo for damaged hair that also acts as a deep conditioner for damaged hair.


Not all brands work on everyone’s hair so it is important to choose the best shampoo for damaged hair without thinking if it is suitable for your hair health. Sebamed in this section is an expertise as they introduce their best shampoo for damaged hair that also proves to be an ideal deep conditioner for damaged hair as well.

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