Treating Psoriasis

Sebamed For Psoriasis

Sebamed for Psoriasis

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I am suffering through PSORIASIS! What kind of help can SebaMed offer?

Don't you think that dry skin looks awful and itchy? Bleeding, stings, and dryness of skin can lead to some red patches on it. This skin dryness condition is known as psoriasis, wherein your skin starts losing necessary oils and water. Mind it, this is possible at any age, and this type of damage is repairable if you keep a few things in mind. Abstain from the use of harsh lotion available in the market and follow a better skincare routine.Because there are many harsh soaps and lotions on the market today that can easily irritate the skin, Sebamed is here to help.

Our valuable range of creams, lotions, and moisturizers can:

1. Aid in managing the severe psoriasis symptoms

2. Protect the natural barrier of your skin

3. Advanced ph 5.5 formula helps in offering you a

What are the common factors that could lead to psoriasis?

Snow Genetic problems

Forest Probable skin shield defects

MountainsIntake of drugs like lipid-lowering agents or the corticosteroids

MountainsEnvironmental changes like air pollution or dry air

MountainsExcessive skin cleansing issues

MountainsLack of skin moisturizing

Do's and Dont's of skin psoriasis.

1. Avoid scratching itchy skin.
2. Do not make any delays in consulting with a reputed dermatologist for the treatment.
3. Don't use neutral cleansers, and consider washing your skin with ph 5.5 products ike SebaMed's liquid face and body wash.
4. Avoid taking a shower for a duration of longer than 10 minutes and 1 time a day.
5. No usage of warmer water exceeding the heal level of 35 degrees Celsius.
6. Do not take long bathtub soaks as it can only lead to more dryness and skin irritation.
7. Refrain from using lotions and creams on your skin daily, including 2-4 times of daily application.
8. Select the skincare product range with a ph 5.5 minimal value as it acts as a barrier for skin protection
9. Do imply using creams and lotions that offer a high moisturization and protective layer to retain water loss.
10. Identify the factors that trigger the problem of dry skin in you.
11. Switch to air humidifiers in AC rooms and prefer taking fresh air inside by opening windows.
12. Intake of at least 1 liters of water or daily tea and juice is essential.

Psoriasis DOs and DONTs:


Let's pledge for healthy skin with SebaMed!

Every product by SebaMed undergoes several clinical tests to suit the sensitive skin areas! Traditional soaps might be efficient in cleansing, but the skincare you need for internal nourishment is what SebaMed provides you with. Its Ph value of 9 to 11 is high in alkalinity for your skin.

If you own healthy skin, there is a shield of the hydrolipid barrier, having a ph value of 5.5 that protects you. All the SebaMed products have the right formulation and ph balance for providing optimal support for your skin's health. Check out the list of hot selling items by SebaMed below. You can sneak out on all products and make the choices as per your preferences.


› Soap-free cleansing with pH 5.5 maintains the protective acid mantle of the skin. ‹

› pH 5.5 supports the skin’s natural barrier function against dryness and irritation. ‹

› Dermatological tests prove the efficacy of Sebamed’s products for cleansing and care in dry skin and their excellent tolerance. ‹




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Which products? Dry skin Sensitive skin
To cleanse your face Liquid Face & Body Wash Clear Face Cleansing Foam VISIO Gentle Toner
To cleanse your body Liquid Face & Body Wash Liquid Face & Body Wash
To wash your hands Cleansing Bar Cleansing Bar
To wash your intimate parts (women), the baby's nappy are Feminine Intimate Wash Feminine Intimate Wash
For showering Liquid Face & Body Wash Liquid Face & Body Wash
For bathing Liquid Face & Body Wash Liquid Face & Body Wash
To wash your hair Everyday Shampoo Everyday Shampoo
Creams for your face Moistusing Face Cream Moistursising Face Cream , Clear Face Care Gel
Lotion for your body Anti-Dry Hydrating Body Lotion Anti-Dry Hydrating Body Lotion