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I am suffering from Eczema! How does SebaMed prove helpful to you?

The Eczema is a type of skin disease that might cause you a lot of allergies and reactions. Some people might suffer through it right from birth, while others deal with it later. Living with Eczema means that you have to face itchy patches that do not quickly fade away. You might then have to consult with the dermatologist and undergo many treatments to cope with it. And many skin specialists suggest and prescribe a list of skincare products for washing and hygiene purposes. Our exclusive range of SebaMed products are apt for people facing Eczema issues.
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SebaMed face creams, moisturizers, lotions, and cleansers can:

1. Aids in soothing all eczema symptoms

2. Acts as a protective barrier to soothe all eczema

3. Ensures healthy skin with the formulation of Ph 5.5



How does Eczema appear to you?

Common Symptoms:

Patches on dry, itchy, and recurrently thickened skin

It occurs mostly on your legs, face, neck, and hands

Children can face this issue in the inner areas of their knees and elbows

What leads to Eczema?


Can Eczema prove contagious?

Eczema is an exceptionally infectious skin condition that can ruin if you do not properly care. And there are ample factors that affect this condition. If you do not take proper hygiene and care, there are chances of spreading this disease. Genetics is a significant factor that leads to Eczema. A common form of Eczema is atopic dermatitis that you can observe in at least 8 to 10 children if both the parents face it. And if anyone parent is facing Eczema, around 6 to 10 children might face the same.

What are the chances for permanent treatment of Eczema?


As per recent scientific research, it is evident that Eczema is curable but only after you understand its root cause. Treating the immune system is vital rather than working only on the eczema symptoms. In most cases, medical treatment for Eczema focuses on coping with the relevant symptoms instead of dealing with the leading causes.

Which foods can you consume for treating Eczema?


Important fatty acid foods like the flaxseed oils and wild-caught fish
Seeds of chia and pumpkin Other probiotic-rich foods like Kefir, goat's milk and amasai High-fiber foods that consist of 30 grams of fiber each day from nuts, vegetables, coconut, seeds, fruits, and legumes Foods enriched with Vitamin-A like yellow or orange-colored vegetables
Which foods should I avoid while suffering Eczema?
All types of processed foods and additives Food allergens like shellfish, gluten, peanuts, and dairy products Harmful fats and Margarine Sugary items Fried food items

Common Do's and Dont's of Eczema

1. Don't scratch if you have itchy skin.
2. DO make a visit to a reputed dermatologist for availing timely diagnosis and treatment
3. DON'T apply neutral cleansers or regular soaps on your skin. Instead, wash your skin with the product holding a ph value of 5.5
4. DON'T take showers more than a day or longer than 10 minutes daily.
5. DO take water which is not warmer than 35 degree Celsius for cleaning purposes
6. Do refrain from indulging in long bathtub times as it leads to skin dryness and irritation
7. Do apply ph value 5.5 lotions and creams on face and body daily
8. Do opt for the skincare products holding a pH value of 5.5 as it acts as a protective barrier for skin health.
9. Do apply moisturizing lotions and creams that have a proven efficacy (e.g., SebaMed Anti-Dry Night intensive cream, body lotion, and SebaMed hydrating body lotions)
10. Do figure out the core reasons for Eczema as stress and anxiety can be the leading factors. Practice meditation and yoga daily.
11. Do ensure to equip your air-conditioned rooms with good quality air humidifier. You can also windows after a while for better ventilation.
12. Test every skin related product on your forearm or any other eczema-free area before daily application

Eczema DOs and DONTs:

Psoriasis DOs and DONTs:

SebaMed helps in reviving the deep skin pores!

Every single product by SebaMed is dermatologically tested and clinically proven for all types of problematic and sensitive skin.

Do you know that traditional soap might have multiple side-effects? Conventional soaps might clean up well, but what about their effects on the skin. These soaps have a Ph value of 9 to 11 that is highly alkaline for your skin health. And the ones with sensitive skin cannot afford it all. If you hold healthy skin, an acidic hydrolipid barrier comes with the average Ph value of 5.5. All the SebaMed products have the right formulation and pH balance to aid with the skin's barrier function. Regular use and correct application of SebaMed products can guide you to pertain a clean and neat face line. After using our product range for a while, you can come to know that every product by SebaMed is well-designed to meet the users' expectations and stand by the science of healthy skin!


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› Soap-free cleansing with pH 5.5 maintains the protective acid mantle of the skin. ‹ › pH 5.5 supports the skin’s natural barrier function against dryness and irritation. ‹ › Dermatological tests prove the efficacy of Sebamed’s products for cleansing and care in dry skin and their excellent tolerance. ‹

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