Treating Dry Skin

Sebamed For Dry Skin

Sebamed for Dry Skin

The best alternative to manage the sensitive skin


I own extremely dry skin! What should I Do? Is SebaMed effective on it?

Dehydrated skin can appear awful. There are many problems with such skin, like stings, itching, and even bleeding in extreme cases. And all this leads to some small red patches on your skin as well. All this occurs when your skin begins to lose water and oil. There can be many factors leading to damaged skin, like dryness and itchiness. However, you do not have to fear it. You have to understand the reasons leading to dry skin along with the relevant symptoms. But what's the right way to heal it?
Many harsh soaps, creams, and lotions are accessible in the market that causes high-level skin irritation. But SebaMed can prove very helpful in such a scenario.

SebaMed creams, cleansers, and lotions are helpful in:

1. Soothing the dry skin internally

2. Soothing the dry skin internally

3. Offers healthy skin with an advanced formulation of

What are the common causes that lead to skin dryness?

SnowGenetic problems

ForestProblems with the natural skin barrier

MountainsUse of excessive medications like anti-acne drugs, corticosteroids, and lipid-lowering agents

MountainsEnvironmental fluctuations like air pollution, dry air, or cold weather.

MountainsExcessive skin cleansing habits

MountainsLack of proper skin moisturization

Do's and Dont's for the dry skin:

1. Never scratch when you have itchy skin.
2. Try making regular dermatologist visits to avail the right line of treatment.
3. Do not use neutral skin cleansers or other soaps and instead wash the skin thoroughly with the SebaMed products having a PH value of 5.5
4. Do not take a shower for more than 10 minutes and one time regularly.
5. Avoid using water which is warmer than the 35 degree Celsius.
6. Abstain from long soaks in the bathtub as it might add up to your irritation levels.
7. Do make application of lotions and creams for upto 4 times a day in all the affected areas.
8. Select the skin products with the pH value of 5.5 as it restores the natural acid mantle and refrains from water loss.
9. Do opt for high-end moisturizing creams and emollients that are effective for this skin type. It includes SebaMed Anti-dry day defense cream, SebaMed Anti-Dry hydrating body lotions, and SebaMed Anti-Dry Night intensive cream.
10. Do search for factors affecting dry skin and avoid all of them.
11. Install an air humidifier if you are using air-conditioned rooms or open up the windows after every few hours.
12. Do not miss out on drinking at least 1 liters of water or a cup of tea and coffee daily.

Dry Skin DOs and DONTs:



All products by SebaMed work wonders on sensitive skin and undergo clinically testing as well.

Regular soap contains the ph value of 9 to 11, which is very alkaline for sensitive skin. There should be a hydrolipid barrier for every healthy skin consisting of an average ph value of 5.5. It can also act as a supportive barrier for skin protection.


› Soap-free cleansing with pH 5.5 maintains the protective acid mantle of the skin. ‹

› pH 5.5 supports the skin’s natural barrier function against dryness and irritation. ‹

› Dermatological tests prove the efficacy of Sebamed’s products for cleansing and care in dry skin and their excellent tolerance. ‹




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