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Help! I am facing ACNE issues! How could SebaMed help me to cope with it?

I am suffering from Eczema! How does SebaMed prove helpful to you?

Do you know that acne can have an adverse effect on all skin types, no matter what your age is? What is acne, and how it hampers your skin quality? Our product range manages to maintain proper skin hygiene for people suffering from acne and even cure it. Our products' prime focus is to manage and treat whiteheads, blackheads, blemishes, pimples, and open pores in teens. Everyone, including teens, adults, and even babies. If you are prone to breakouts and facing difficulty due to oily skin, the SebaMed product range might be your ultimate solution.
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Our cleansers, lotions, and creams can:

1. help soothe your acne symptoms

2. restore your skin’s natural barrier

3. promote healthy skin with our pH 5.5 formulation


To understand it better, let's find out the science of which SebaMed works. There are Sebaceous glands in our skin that lead to the production of sebum. This sebum lubricates your skin and helps in keeping it hydrated. However, excessive sebum is also not right for skin health. Oily skin is the result of this sebum content that gives a shiny tint on the skin and often leads to breakouts. The majority of the breakout and pimple issues appear due to the oiliness of the skin.

A regular skincare regime is all you need to manage the breakout issues. Proper cleansing of skin pores regularly can help in creating a big difference. You also need to make some lifestyle changes to deal with it. Isn't all of this worth it for shiny and glowing skin? Do you know that market these days is splurging with lotions, creams, and moisturizers that can cause severe skin irritation? But SebaMed cares and values your skin!

Our range of creams, moisturizers, lotions, and toners can: -Give a soothing effect for all types of acne symptoms -Provide a protective shield for your skin's mantle -Advanced Ph 5.5 formulation promotes the nourishment of healthy skin


What can lead to acne?


Do's and Dont's for an acne skin

1. Do not press or squeeze the whiteheads, blackheads, and breakouts as it can leave vulnerable scars on your face.
2. Wash skin daily with the Ph 5.5 products like SebaMed clear face products rather than making use of neutral soaps.
3. Acne problems can worsen if you make use of aggressive cleaning techniques for the same.
4. For any inflamed pimples use an antibacterial cleansing bar like the SebaMed cleansing foam.
5. A good deep cleansing tonic like the SebaMed clear face toner can help remove excess oils.
6. Users of matte skin products can avoid oily creams. Opt for the oil free gel- like the SebaMed clear face gel can obstruct pimple production.
7. Every acne treatment could display effects, only post 6 to 8 weeks. Avoid changing skincare products often to avoid skin irritation.
8. Antibacterial anti-pimple gels like SebaMed's anti-spot gel can cover all types of spots and help in the disappearance of pimples within 2 to 3 days.
9. Consult a good dermatologist if there is no effect within 2 months.
10. Combine SebaMed clear face line products for reducing skin dryness along with other pills and lotions.


Acne DOs and DONTs:


SebaMed can enhance your skin and help it glow in many ways!

All the products from SebaMed are dermatologically tested and work wonders for problematic and sensitive skin types.

Conventional soaps can help in cleansing but are they perfect for your skin! It is a questionable part as the harmful effects of soap bars can hamper your skin adversely. And the ph value of 9 to 11 can prove to be too alkaline for the sensitive skin.

Are you aware that every healthy skin has a hydrolipid barrier that acts as a shield for your skin? It is an acidic mantle that requires the Ph value of 5.5 to stay perfect. All SebaMed products comprise the right formulation and a perfect Ph balance to perform all functions. You can also sneak through SebaMed's ingredient list to know more about it.


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› Soap-free cleansing with pH 5.5 maintains the protective acid mantle of the skin. ‹ › pH 5.5 supports the skin’s natural barrier function against dryness and irritation. ‹ › Dermatological tests prove the efficacy of Sebamed’s products for cleansing and care in dry skin and their excellent tolerance. ‹


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