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Cracked Heel Balm of Sebamed is a perfect cream for feet pH of 5.5 provides a sense of immediate relief, smoothing the skin of the feet.


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With the arrival of winters, the problem of cracked and painful foot heels amplifies! Women usually face these issues due to improper care routines and ignorance. So how to take complete care of your skin in winter? Just like your face and other body parts, foot care is also equally important. Sebamed Cracked Heel Balm gives you relief from itchy, dry, and painful cracked heels by nourishing them deep within. Now you have no excuse to bear the discomfort of achy heels and cracked foot!

Why do we ignore footcare the most? Isn’t it vital to retain soft and beautiful heels and legs? There can be many reasons for cracked heels, such as:

  • Doing standing work in the kitchen for long hours at a stretch.
  • Long hot showers for a long time.
  • Using too many open-back sandals or walking completely barefoot.
  • Improper shoe fit that does not give the right support to your heels.
  • Use of harsh soaps that takes off natural skin oils.
  • Dry skin due to climatic changes such as high humidity or cold temperatures.

All these reasons might take a toll on your foot health, leading to cracked and dry heels. So, how to take care of your foot skin in winter? Switch to Sebamed Cracked Heel Balm, which comprises all necessary ingredients for filling the cracks and providing deep moisturizing to the skin.

Why opt for Sebamed cracked heel balm?

  1. Sebamed Cracked Heel Balm is a fantastic cream to treat your feet and eliminate excruciating heel pain.
  2. Ph 5.5 in the cream gives an immediate smoothening effect along with deep nourishment to the cracks.
  3. Allantoin content in the cream gives quick relief from the cracks and calluses. Besides, the panthenol in it helps in cell renewal that offers new life to the dead skin. It also contributes to restoring the nail’s elasticity.
  4. People who have diabetes, calloused, and dry feet can get relief with this cream.
The right application of the product is an essential part of taking care of your foot skin in winter! Here are the steps to follow:

  • Use this balm at least 2 times a day after a proper cleansing of feet.
  • Massage the heel balm at the cracked or dry area in a more considerable amount for faster healing. Then take out some more cream and apply to the remaining area of your foot.
  • Apply it before going to bed so that it penetrates deep into the cracked heels. Application of any cream at night time ensures the better and quick effect of the same.
  • For an even better effect, it is recommendable to soak your feet in the bathtub for at least 5 minutes.
The essential ingredient list of Sebamed Cracked Heel Balm includes di polyhydroxy stearate, allantoin, magnesium sulfate, sodium chloride, hexyldecyl laurate, and sodium benzoate. Other significant components in the cream are Aqua, hexyl decanol, and brassica campestris sterols.


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