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Sebamed Baby Powder

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Excellent body care begins with our Liquid Face & Body Wash – 200 ml. Formulated without soap and with important nutrients, it dually cleanses and moisturizes your skin.


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May it is the nappy rashes or an after-bath ritual, the baby powder is the most used baby product in the whole range. However, being a smart parent, it is imperative to cautiously eye over the ingredients and features of the brand you choose for baby skincare. SebaMed Baby Powder is a wonderful option recommended by dermatologists and reviewed by thousands of happy parents!
Most of the baby powders in the market consist of harsh chemicals that ruin the natural texture of the baby’s skin and harms the acid mantle. But it is possible to rescue it with the effective formula that extracts additional moisture and imparts a subtle skin tone!

How SebaMed Baby Powder Nurtures Baby Skin?
Chafing, rubbing and scratching are a few common things that infants do! And a medicated baby powder with micronized Titanium dioxide form, helps in coping with these effects. It also soaks in the additional skin moisture and gives a very subtle skin surface for the baby. During summer times where the humidity is high, and your baby sweats more, using SebaMed Baby powder can prove very effective.

Other Features of Baby Powder by SebaMed are:

  • Its extra soft formula consisting of Allentown guards the delicate skin against all types of irritation.
  • The Olive oil in SebaMed’s baby powder prevents dryness, and allantoin compounds give a soft and pleasant effect on the baby’s skin.
  • With no irritants and allergic reactions, you can ensure a perfect formula for baby skincare.
  • Absorbent formula of this powder revitalizes the baby skin and gives it a velvety texture.
  • Your baby’s skin can shine and look wonderful without clogging of their skin pores.
  • The gentle botanical fragrance makes it safe for baby use.


  1. This Product is for external use only hence avoid applying it on cuts/wounds.
  2. While applying it gently on Babies body, keep it away from mouth, eyes, nose, and ears.
  3. Do not forget to read the name of Ingredients to know if your kid is allergic to those.
  1. Before application, step back from your baby and shake the powder properly with its top pack.
  2. Avoid sprinkling it near the baby as it might into their eyes and cause discomfort.
  3. Take a small cloud of powder in your palm and use a soft sponge to apply it gently on the baby’s body.
  4. Apply more of it in the diaper area as it is more prone to moisture. It is better to apply it 3-4 times a day, especially in summers when the proximity of sweating is high.
  5. Keep the powder pack out of the baby’s reach. If babies get into the reach of the powder and mistakenly sprinkle it in high quantities, that could irritate them.

By keeping the above steps in mind, you can utilize SebaMed’s Baby Powder in its best form. It is imperative to consult your paediatrician if the baby is sensitive to any particular ingredients or elements.

Talc is a common and natural ingredient that ensures even dryness for the skin. Olea Europaea Fruit Oil and Zinc Oxide gives the right texture that restricts the normal pH value of the baby’s skin. Allantoin extracts and Parfum leaves behind a botanical fragrance that is soothing and relaxes the baby!

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