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Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar

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Excellent body care begins with our Liquid Face & Body Wash – 200 ml. Formulated without soap and with important nutrients, it dually cleanses and moisturizes your skin.


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If you want the perfect one for your newborn, SebaMed Baby soap in Pakistan can be the appropriate option for your child’s delicate skin. It is a mild body cleanser made with ingredients after keeping in mind the delicacy of a Child’s skin with a pH of 5.5 and based on sugar to avoid any kind of irritation. It is low pH soap as other baby soaps have a pH greater than 7 which may lead to barrier damage. It has been proven that at pH level 5.5 only child skin’s protective barrier remains unaffected. It has a moisturizing complex that moisturizes a child’s skin and reduces dryness. Amino acids and vitamins present in it nourish and keep the child’s skin hydrated. This soap is free from any kind of irritants hence there is a minimal number of cases reported of irritation on the baby’s skin.

What are the qualities which would make you wonder about SebaMed Baby Cleansing Bar?

  • Alkali free
  • Contains Chamomile which soothes a child’s skin.
  • Supports the natural lipid balance.
  • Contains Panthenol which promotes regeneration of the skin.
  • Good Skin tolerance even in skin diseases.
  • Pleasant botanical fragrance without any harmful perfumes. Bath essentials must include SebaMed Baby cleansing Bar as has been proven to be the most suitable when it comes to the baby’s comfort and hygiene. It has a tear-free formula which will save your child’s delicate eyes from irritation and make them enjoy their bath.


  • Before applying the soap always read the set of Ingredients & labels provided very carefully.
  • Try to avoid the direct contact of the soap to delicate areas like the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Keep the soap away from the reach of the baby.
  • Keep the soap away from the direct sunlight and store it in a cool and dry place.
Before applying this soap first step is, wet the baby’s body with water. Rub the soap on your palms with some water to form a bit of lather. Apply it with your palms gently on the body and face of your baby. Avoid contact with eyes nose and mouth while applying on face. After applying rinse it slowly with water from your baby’s body.

Don’t rub the soap vigorously on the baby’s skin, always do it with gentle hands to avoid irritation.

You can use the soap several times a day if needed to clean exposed areas of the baby’s skin as newborns need more hygiene to avoid any infection.

Glycerine is used in SebaMed baby cleansing bar which makes the skin glow and keeps it moisturized and hydrated. Some other ingredients which are used in the cleansing bar are Triticum vulgare starch, Disodium, Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Stearic acid, palmitic acid, cetearyl alcohol, aqua, Parfum. SebaMed baby cleansing bar also contains talc which makes skin softer and silkier.

Using SebaMed Baby cleansing bar will change your entire experience of motherhood. After keeping in mind how delicate a baby’s skin is SebaMed cleansing bar is manufactured after lots of research and clinical testing. You can trust it for your baby and use it without any hesitation.

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