best shampoo for damaged hair

Women spend half the time beautifying and styling their hair and then the remaining time trying to find the best shampoo for damaged hair to sort the mess they have made. In the quest of making our hair look the best, we tend to damage the hair without actually realizing the harm done.

There are countless habits associated with hair that without our knowing destroys the health of our hair and Sebamed is here to help you identify 7 of those major habits. Here are 7 destructive hair-habits and ways how to change them by Sebamed:

Washing hair by rubbing shampoo into the length of the hair:

Even rubbing with shampoo into the length of the hair can cause damage. Hence, gently massaging shampoo into the scalp and then rinsing without any inch of rubbing is the way to go at it. Don’t forget deep conditioner for damaged hair is important after shampooing.

Drying the hair by rubbing with the towel:

Towel can cause dryness and make hair fall easily so wrapping your hair into cotton t-shirt to absorb water and then letting them air dry is the right way to dry hair.

Brushing the hair while it is wet:

Wet hair are delicate hence break very easily and in bulk with brush strokes so if you have straight hair let them dry a little before using a wide-tooth comb to brush them and if you have textured hair or tight curls brush with wide-tooth comb while hair are still damp.

Use of hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, and hair styling products:

We often style our hair using different products such as moose or hair spray after using a blow-dryer or curling or flat iron which makes the hair vulnerable. Trying hairstyles that don’t involve such products and gadgets is a choice and if one needs to use the gadgets using them at the lowest heat setting is the correct way to dodge damage.

Pulling the hair into tight hairstyles very often:

Pulling hair into tight hairstyles every now and then pull on the roots, making them weak or breaking the hair. Putting hair into loose hairstyles without pulling on them and using covered rubber bands will ensure less and less harm.

Coloring, perming or brushing hair 100 or more strokes per day:

Coloring and perming are destructive towards hair, and brushing in such high counted strokes can definitely pull a lot of hair off the head. Hence less strokes per day with no coloring and perming especially in the dry winter season is ideal.

Using wrong hair-care products:

Choosing the wrong shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair leads to more destruction hence head for the best shampoo for damaged hair that also acts as a deep conditioner for damaged hair.


Best shampoo for damaged hair:

best shampoo for damaged hair

Not all brands work on everyone’s hair so it is important to choose the best shampoo for damaged hair without thinking if it is suitable for your hair health. Sebamed in this section is an expertise as they introduce their best shampoo for damaged hair that also proves to be an ideal deep conditioner for damaged hair as well.

Head to  to confirm healthy hair and avoid all the destructive damage with Sebamed supreme quality care.

Cleansing Bar

Absolutely no one desires big houses or world trips on daily basis; the smallest, honest desire in each heart while one looks in the mirror is the simplest; to have a clear skin. Skin is something everyone is sensitive about but not everyone shows. Even though no breakout can ruin the beauty that each of us possesses yet skin breakouts break our hearts.

It is a known fact that skin breaks out and is damaged with pollution and impurities from the environment but what most of us fail to look at is the damages we cause to our own skin. Being rough on our skin and constant use of products that might seem helpful but are harsh is a problem most of us overlook.

With our skin to get started on the road of clarity, we need to stop being so aggressive towards it. Here is a list of things Sebamed suggests you to unlock that clear skin achievement unlocked.

Steps to Follow in your skincare routine: 

  1. Wash your face before you sleep; ALWAYS: washing all day’s dirt, impurities and leftover makeup off your face before you sleep is necessary to let your skin breath the entire night.
  2. Never skip moisturization: pick the right moisturizer that suits your skin type but never get lazy to skip moisturizing your skin. Drying out your skin will make more room for acne.
  3. Invest in a cotton mask: mask allows a combination of sweat and germs, and the rubbing of that mask on your face causes a very specific type of breakout named acne mechanical. The easiest way to prevent this is to switch to a breathable cotton mask.
  4. Be gentle on your skin: scrubbing harshly and rough exfoliation cause skin to dry and break out. Rubbing vigorously with a wash cloth also damages the skin. Gentleness and subtleness is the way to treat your skin.
  5. Don’t skip sunscreen: It is important to apply your skin suited sunscreen after your moisturizer every day whether you are exposed to sunlight or not. Sunscreen not only protects you from harmful sunlight but also from the unwanted impurities.
  6. Reduce hand and face contact: touching your face constantly especially touching places where your skin broke out means you are giving acne more space to show up. make sure you reduce your face touching habit and whenever you touch your face make sure to have them cleaned before that.
  7. Avoid carbs and add vitamin c infused diet: food intake that have high carb value surely makes way for acne. However edibles high in vitamin c help your skin clear out and feel fresher.
  8. Regularly clean your phone: your phone has a lot of germs on it and when you answer any call and have it on your ear and attached to your face you answer acne for an invite. So clean your phone often to avoid transfer of germs.
  9. Wash you face with cold water: warm water may be good to cleanse your skin but ending with a few splashes of cold water will help you feel more refreshed and your complexion will move towards clarity.
  10. Use a separate towel for your face: your bath towel transfer oils from your body or your hair to your face, but it also carries bacteria, so keeping a separate towel for drying your face post-cleanse is essential. 

Sebamed Cleansing Bar

Apart from all these a little note for your precious skin is to choose products that are suitable and gentle on your skin.

Cleansing Bar :

Cleansing your skin is easier and subtler with Sebamed cleansing bar. Sebamed cleansing bar is as gentle on your skin as one can be and is suitable for all skin types. 


cleansing bar

How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Winter?

Skin Care products in Pakistan

After you have faced the burning heat of summers, there come the pleasant winters that bring along cold and cozy weather where you wish to relax. However, it also brings along a long of fuss for people having skin problems. The majority of men and women complain of skin dryness and roughness during winters. So, how to take care of your skin in Winter?

This being a big question, the answer is a regular skincare routine. Depending on your skin, it is better to pick the ideal skincare products that give your skin a protective shield against all odds. Managing your lifestyle and skincare routine is the best way to get moist and soft skin. You can also consult a good dermatologist who can suggest the clinically approved product range such as Sebamed for skin care and nourishment.

How to take care of dry skin in Winter?

While the weather is cold, dry skin might cause cracks or pain due to roughness on the itchy surface. To deal with it, you might need an excellent Sebamed Anti- Dry hydrating body Lotion. It is a fantastic product with pH 5.5 that prevents roughness, giving you soft and supple skin. There is allantoin content in it, which nourishes the deep skin pores and locks the natural skin moisture for a glowing effect. You can apply this Sebamed Anti-dry lotion at least twice a day to achieve regular and effective results from it.

Other pointers on how to take care of your skin in Winter are:

  • Avoid hot showers- Saying ‘no’ too hot showers in cold weathers look like a big no, but it can lead to several skin problems. That does not mean that you take a shower with cold water. Prefer using lukewarm water as it relaxes you and takes off the skin dryness completely.
  • Wear covered clothes- Already, winters force you to wrap up yourself in some cozy woolens. But another reason to wear covered clothes in winters is the harmful effect of UV rays. These rays can also have a harsh impact on your skin, leaving it dry and rough.
  • Hydration is the key- Whether it’s the use of Sebamed intensive hand cream or the increased amount of water intake, the main idea is to stay hydrated. You need to apply creams that give deep nourishment to the skin and maintain hydration levels. Thus, if you do not want a lusterless and pale complexion, it is ideal for drinking lots of water. Try to drink water every 30 minutes to achieve perfect glowing skin.

How to take care of oily skin in Winter?

People having excessively oily skin also face a lot of concerns in winters. And not just the skin; the same problem even persists with the hair and feet. Hairs get dry in the winter season due to climatic changes making them fizzy and messy. The feet get cracked, and heels might also bleed due to the roughness and dead skin layers. All these problems are manageable with the use of a Sebamed product range that effectively tackles all types of skin problems.

Use the following products for various body parts of your skin and hair as the perfect winter care:

For dry and frizzy hair Switch to Sebamed anti-dry revitalizing shampoo to avail a lustrous and shiny hair. It is a great product to provide you a thick and shiny hair to flaunt. It comprises active nourishing ingredients that work evenly on hair strands and scalp and delivers perfectly smooth hair.

For oily skin- Sebamed urea lotion helps in taking away the skin oiliness and delivers you a problem-free skin to show up. The urea content and pH 5.5 level give a perfect skin texture by maintaining healthy skin nourishment. It means neither the cream leaves your face dry and nor does it makes very oily and sticky. The oil-absorb formula of Sebamed urea lotion acts as a defense system for oily skin types.

For cracked heels- The biggest and most common problem in winters is the cracked heels. Many people stay ignorant about wearing socks or covered shoes during winter times. As a result of this, they have to face rough, dry, cracked, and painful heels that might also lead to skin infections. But regular use of Sebamed cracked heel balm and its right application gives a perfect nourishment level to the skin of heels. It is better to soak your feet in lukewarm water for at least 10 minutes before applying Sebamed cracked heel balm.

How to take care of sensitive skin in Winter?

The most complex task is to select a skincare product range for people with sensitive skin types. They need products that are not harsh on the skin and safe for use. Just like your body has an average temperature, even the skin protection range is a pH value of 5.5. Hence, all skincare products having a pH of 5.5 in them is safe for sensitive skin people. Sebamed Anti-Dry lotion or Sebamed nourishing and intensive hand cream with apt pH value protects your skin mantle and retains the protective shield with efficacy.

Other natural tips for how to take care of your skin in Winter:

  1. Eat a healthy diet- Your food plays a pivotal role in your skin and hair care health. Hence, you must necessarily consume healthy foods that are good for your skin and hair. Include the intake of spinach, almonds, and carrots in your food as it gives a moisturizing effect and provides essential nutrients to your body. It also contributes to skin repair and acne control. Include lots of good proteins in your diet as it works wonders for your hair growth and making it strong. Eat dry fruits as they consider natural oils helping in giving moisture to your skin.
  2. Use lots of moisturizers- Active skin moisturizing is an essential part of ensuring glowing skin in winters. Thus, you must keep the skin hydrated by application of Sebamed anti-dry lotion and creams. You can also add other natural nourishing elements to the skincare routine like olive oil, buttermilk, cucumbers, and castor oil.
  3. Use only Lukewarm water- Before applying Sebamed skin and hair care products, wash your skin only with lukewarm water and then clean dry with a soft towel. Hot water can give dry and flaky skin texture. And the cold water cannot be an option in cold weather as you might fall it. Lukewarm water is right for the skin, relaxing your muscles, and eliminates excess oils from the facial skin.
  4. Night skincare is vital- Do not forget to replenish your skin at night time. As you rest for 7- 8 hours during that time, the creams and lotions’ deep moisturizing oils enter and affect the skin pores with better efficacy. And don’t you love to wake up with a gorgeous glowing face? How about fetching some compliments for beautiful skin? Isn’t it amazing?
  5. Choose chemical-free cleansers- Do you know that many top brands offer cleansers that have harsh chemicals in them? Are you aware of how adversely it can affect your skin? Sebamed cleansers are free from any colorants, chemicals, and above all, a cruelty-free product. Hence, your natural skin oils do not strip off, retaining a healthy shiny skin for you.
  6. Skin exfoliation- This is important in winters to get rid of dead and itchy skin layers that do not allow other moisturizers to enter the skin pores. It only takes away the dead skin cells and helps in the regeneration of the new ones. Your skin would thank you for the exfoliating scrubs that work marvels of skin roughness in winters. Pick some natural scrubs that are readily available in your kitchen pantry!

Now you almost know everything about skin nourishment and how to take care of dry skin in Winter? Experts’ proven Sebamed Anti-dry revitalizing shampoo and lotions can be your savior in freezing chilly winters. The exact level of skin nourishment ensures a soft and supple skin that is simply loveable. The whole range of Sebamed products maintains the pH value of 5.5, which is an excellent barrier for skin safety. Using a couple of them would make you a regular user of the same.

Wrap Up:

You might have received answers for how to take care of sensitive skin in Winter? Switch to effective skin and hair care products that are free from chemicals and harsh reactants. It is a safe alternative to ensure a trouble-free cream that nurtures your inner skin glow from within. Following the natural skin preventive measures such as skin moisturizing and nourishment with cocoa, milk is also helpful in skin protection.

Start using the Sebamed product range and find the difference with few uses itself. Now no more scaring to the horror of skin acne, dryness, or roughness! Enjoy the winters without storming your minds about fizzy hair and flaky skin. Flaunt your gorgeous side and step out in winters to explore the seasonal wonders!

girl face with acne

Have you pulled back your face skin gently when you are in front of the mirror and wish it could stay there permanently? Does the wiggle in the upper arms irritate you? As humans grow older, our skin starts aging. Saggy skin, wrinkles, fine lines are some of the issues that become visible. Numerous factors cause sagging skin – dehydration, UV damage, age-related loss of elastin and collagen, and others. Skin sagging is a natural procedure and irreversible but can be reduced. With age and unhealthy skincare habits, skin loses its elasticity. 

The majority of people experience skin loosening between 35 to 40 years of age. Pregnancy and quick weight loss can loosen your skin by changing the skin structure or stretching skin molecules. Various other lifestyle and health factors also led to skin loosenings, such as artificial tanning, menopause, ultraviolet light damage, medications like corticosteroids and steroids, detergents or skin products containing harsh chemicals, consuming alcohol, and smoking. 

Scientific studies show that it damages the skin’s elastin fibers and collagen when a person is carrying excess weight for an extended period. As loose skin affects one’s self-esteem, a lot of people undergo extra skin removal surgery. Some common Skin Tightening Treatments include mastopexy (breast lifting) and abdominoplasty (tummy tucking). Skin tightening refers to different procedures, products, and devices that make the skin tight by reducing some degree of lift and shrinkage for more youthful-looking and tighter skin. 

This post will walk you through the popular techniques on how to tighten skin and methods to prevent sagging skin. 

The Number Of Ways Available To Tighten Skin: 

  • Use an anti-aging product for moisturizing your skin
  • Purchase a moisturizer that contains vitamin B3 and E, which enhances elasticity. These vitamins help your body in producing more collagen to look your skin lighter.   

  • Firming Creams
  • Choose a firming cream that contains hyaluronic acid and retinoids. They help increase the proliferation, turnover of skin cells, enhance skin firmness, lower the depth of wrinkles, and get rid of skin roughness. You can purchase Open Formula Retinoid Cream and YEOUTH Day and Night Cream, focusing on uneven skin tone, fine lines, and uneven, dull texture.

  • Do Facial Stretches Regularly for Making your Skin Look Tighter and Firmer ?
  •  Start smiling in slow motion so that you can lift your mouth corners up gradually until you are smiling fully. Hold the smile for 10 to 12 seconds before slowly relaxing the muscles.

  • Opt for a chemical peel for tighter, smoother skin
  • Your dermatologist will perform on sagging skin in the jowl and neck area. S/he will be applying a chemical solution for removing the top layer, so the new skin below it appears smooth and tight.

  • Stop smoking to avoid pre-mature aging
  • As smoking accelerates the aging procedure and destroys collagen, your skin starts healing sooner as well as look healthier after you quit.

  • Have a diet rich in collagen
  • Collagen is a protein that helps your skin to heal and repair and get rid of wrinkles and loose skin. Add beans, eggs, fish, citrus fruits, greens and broccoli, seeds and nuts, and dairy products to your diet.

  • Go for Ultrasound Therapy for skin toning
  • Ultrasound therapy is one of the effective Skin Tightening Treatments. Your dermatologist will apply a gel around your chin, neck, and brow and then use an ultrasound device on the area for stimulating new collagen growth.

Cucumber and Rosemary Oil:

Rosemary oil aids in improving blood circulation and tone your skin. It is rich in antioxidants that will enhance the elasticity of the skin and delays aging. To make a pack, you need half a cucumber and one tablespoon of rosemary oil. 


  • Peel the cucumber and grind to a smooth paste.
  • Add a tablespoon of rosemary oil to the paste and apply it to the neck and face.
  • Leave it for half an hour and rinse the area with lukewarm water.
  • Repeat the process once a week. 

Coconut Oil and Ground Coffee:

Coffee consists of caffeine that makes the skin firm and soft by getting rid of fat and moisturizes the skin. It is one of the best Skin Tightening Home Remedies for Face. Ground coffee helps in skin exfoliation, and the presence of antioxidants delays the aging process. Ingredients for coffee pack – 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 1/4th cup of ground coffee, ½ teaspoon of cinnamon, and 1/4th cup of brown sugar. 


  • Mix the brown sugar, cinnamon, coconut oil, and coffee thoroughly. 
  • Apply the mixture gently on your neck and face. 
  • After 5 minutes, rinse off with lukewarm water.
  • Repeat once a week.

Clay Mask:

Bentonite clay and green clay are both excellent for your skin. They help pore tightening, absorb impurities, accelerate collagen synthesis, and make the skin firm and smooth. You need 2 tablespoons of Bentonite clay powder or green clay, water, and 1 teaspoon milk powder. 


  • Mix the powdered milk and clay powder. 
  • Add water to make a smooth paste.
  • Apply all over the neck and face and allow it to dry
  • After 20 minutes, rinse it off.
  • Let it dry and moisturize.
  • Apply the mask once a week.

SebaMed Pro Regenerating Cream:

Sebamed Pro Regenerating Cream helps to cure aging symptoms of the facial skin. The majority of the anti-aging solutions available in the market only penetrate the skin’s superficial layer, leading to slow results. However, SebaMed Pro penetrates deep inside the skin layers that make it more effective in treating aging signs. This is the first probiotic anti-aging cream launched in India with a ph level of 5.5 and I-focus for outstanding results. 

As the cream has no allergen or irritants, it makes it ideal for sensitive skin. When you apply the cream, it reduces pronounced wrinkles and delays the growth of new wrinkles. For having healthy skin, this cream is manufactured to have a ph balance of 5.5. This is necessary to maintain the skin’s natural hydro-lipid barrier from environmental stress. Most soap has different ph levels that can leave your skin open to deterioration and breakdown. According to numerous clinical studies, ph 5.5 is essential for healthy skin. 

SebaMed Pro Regenerating Cream helps in stabilizing cell structure and production of mmp-2 and mmp-9 I-fucose. It also helps in the formation of filaggrin and beta defense. I-fucose and pro renew complex to support the differentiation procedure of glycosaminoglycans and L-fucose synthesis of elastin. This Regenerating Cream can reduce wrinkles by 7.2%, skin hydration by 26%, barrier function by 16%, and surface lipids by 0.92%. 

How to Apply:

  • Clean the neckline, neck, and face with a mild cleanser of ph 5.5.
  • Then apply the cream both during morning and night.
  • You can also use it as a base for make-up. 
Photo by Shiny Diamond from Pexels


Your sagging skin is caused due to pregnancy or moderate weight loss and can be enhanced with few exercises. Any type of movement that helps in muscle tightening or building muscle mass can lower the look of minor skin sagging. Let’s look at few examples:

Resistance training or weight lifting – Working out with resistance bands, machines or weights can increase muscle mass.

Pilates – Pilates helps in tightening and strengthening the arms, legs, glutes, and core. 

Facial exercises –Such exercises can reduce loose skin around the throat, jowls, and chin. Yogis recommend Simhasana (Lion Pose) for effective results. 

Essential Oils

Mixing a few drops of essential oils with a carrier oil on the wrinkles can help to get smooth skin. Essential oils are often diluted with a carrier oil that helps in healing skin without any irritation. Applying essential oil is one of the best Natural Remedies for Wrinkles and Sagging Skin. There are a few essential oils that enhance the appearance of wrinkles when used in various combinations with a career, including – lavender, jojoba, grapeseed, geranium, helichrysum, sandalwood, rose, neroli, pomegranate, rosemary, carrot seed, frankincense, argan, clary sage, and ylang-ylang. 

As essential oils are highly concentrated, a few individuals are sensitive when applying. Before applying, take a patch test – Apply a few drops to the inside of your wrist and wait for a day. If you experience stinging, burning, or redness, please avoid it. 

Under Eye Skin Tightening 

Tighten Skin Under Eye With Neurotoxin Injections

Neurotoxin Botulinum Type A injection is a popular non-surgical wrinkle treatment method for combating aging signs. Botulinum is a protein produced by the Clostridium Botulinum bacterium that blocks the electrical impulses for contraction of the facial muscles. This cosmetic ingredient is injected into your muscles to block signals temporarily from your nervous system. So, your expressions tend to soften, and the wrinkles that form from facial movements such as smiling, squinting, frowning, and others are vastly reduced.

Botulinum injections help in skin tightening under the eyes without any surgical procedure by making the lower eyelid appear plumper and fuller, thus reducing bagginess and wrinkles. It also limits the formation of new lines by avoiding the contraction of facial muscles. If one uses neurotoxin at regular intervals, it portrays mild muscle atrophy that results in a more restful appearance to the eyelids.

Under Eye Skin Tightening With Fillers

Under-eye fillers are hyaluronic acid fillers (popularly known as Juvederm and Restylane) injected to treat dark areas and volume loss below the eyes. Minimal invasive and non-surgical fillers are very effective in brightening dark circles, enhancing the hollowed-out look under the eyes, curing wrinkles, and tightening the skin under your eyes. Hyaluronic acid fillers contain a transparent gel-like natural substance that our body produces. The fillers are less likely to clump and support collagen production in the skin, making the skin plumper and smoother over time.

Under-eye fillers last for a more extended period than in other parts of the face when injected under the eyes. Unlike the forehead, lips, and different parts of the face that are in constant movement, the skin below the eyes is mainly static, so that results can last up to a year. With repeat treatments, the effects can show even longer.

Tight Neck Skin Home Remedies 


Applying honey with egg white is an excellent remedy for preventing and treating saggy skin. However, honey offers numerous natural benefits to your skin, such as hydrating dry skin, keeps the skin clean with its antibacterial and antifungal properties, fights free radicals with antioxidants, and reduces redness with anti-inflammatory properties. Such benefits can help in preventing loose skin and provides youthful, smooth skin. Let’s discuss more honey with an example. 

Turmeric, Honey, and Sour Cream

  • Take one tablespoon of turmeric powder, one tablespoon of sour cream, and one tablespoon of honey in a bowl and mix it.
  • Apply the paste to your neck, face, and chest. 
  • Allow it to dry for at least 15 minutes. 
  • Rinse the area with lukewarm water and, if necessary, scrub with a soft cloth.
  • The final step is splashing your skin with normal water and pat dry with a towel. 


Having yogurt is essential for a healthy diet. Apart from consuming it, you can apply yogurt to the skin directly for tightening the wrinkled areas. 

Like other milk products, yogurt has lactic acid. When applied to the skin, the lactic acid helps in eliminating pores that result in smoother, tighter skin. Yogurt mask is one of the effective Tight Neck Skin Home Remedies.


  • To make a mask, mix 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt and 2 drops of lime juice.
  • Apply the mix to your neck, chest, and face.
  • Massage thoroughly for 10 minutes.
  • Let the mask dry for more 5 minutes.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water
  • Repeat the process 2 times a week. 

SebaMed Extreme Dry Skin Repair Lotion

People who have extremely dry skin experiences itching, irritation, and rashes that could be very uncomfortable and unpleasant. There are numerous creams available, but it is worth trying SebaMed Extreme Dry Skin Repair Lotion. This lotion comes with a 10% urea concentration that helps in repairing the worn-out skin lipids, thereby providing the skin with moisture. The SebaMed lotion also consists of natural triglycerides, sweet almond oil, and lecithin for restoring the balance of your skin moisture. 

It also contains skin’s natural ingredients that operate as a potent penetration known as humectants that help in reducing the extra loss of moisture. The keratolytic effect of urea also boosts the peeling of dead and dry skin in the safest way possible. When you apply the lotion, it can last up to a day and keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. The lotion works wonders for those having sensitive or dry skin. It contains essential oils and moisturizing ingredients that aids in treating dry skin and prevent it from further dehydration.

The SebaMed Extreme Dry Skin Repair Lotion is tested clinically by dermatologists. It is free from toxic ingredients such as sulfates, fragrances, parabens, and phthalates. The primary components include Sodium Benzoate, Phenoxyethanol, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Polyglyceryl-3 Diisostearate, Hexyldecyl Laurate, and Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride. Apart from these, the lotion also includes Benzyl Alcohol, Magnesium Sulfate, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Polyglyceryl-3 Polyricinoleate, Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, Parfum, Hexyldecanol, Cera alba, Citric Acid, Lecithin, Glycerin, Lactic Acid, Urea, and Aqua.

Skin Tightening Treatments:

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels


It is a procedure for lifting and tightening loose skin on the neck and face. Face-lift is done surgically, and the patient is often asleep under anesthesia. During the process, surgeons create small incisions around the earlobes for hiding any minimal surgical scarring. They lift and pull back loose neck and facial skin as well as connective tissue, thus removing the extra skin before closing the incisions. The operation addresses numerous problems such as jowls that appear on the jawline, loose neck skin, double chin, midface drooping, and marionette line, also known as nasolabial folds between the mouth and nose.

If you compare to injections that last between 8 months to 2 years, a face-lift can last for several years. People are inclined to face-lift as they are more satisfied with their appearances and provide a more attractive and youthful look. Experts commented that after the surgery, the patients want to know that people around them are thinking positive thoughts and are in awe of their personality.  

Various studies have been conducted for measuring the impact of face-lifts from an average individual. The research involves showing before and after images of face-lift persons to a group of nearly 600 online participants. The participants have to guess the age in the photos and rate them according to overall health, perceived success, and attractiveness. The results show that an average person saw the patients who had undergone face-lifts as more attractive, younger, healthier, and more successful.


Ultherapy is an innovative, non-invasive technology and non-surgical procedure that uses high-power ultrasound energy. It aims to heat skin tissue at various depths, thus triggering a natural healing response leading to the creation of new collagen. This procedure aims to improve elasticity and reduces loose skin on the face, decollete, and neck to achieve the desired lifting effect.  


The photofacial is a photo-restoring process that uses AFT technology—an advanced form of Intense Pulsed Light that eliminates the signs of vascular, pigmented, and aging lesions. With this treatment, one can improve their skin tone and texture, reverse hyperpigmentation, controls the symptoms and signs of rosacea, and lowers the appearance of enlarged pores. This provides a luminous, youthful, and healthier appearance to the skin. 

Aqua gold fine touch facial:

Aquagold is a premium 24-carat gold facial device that offers a customized mix with microdoses of fillers, Botox, and various skin vitamins for a full-face restoration. The procedure uses 24-carat gold screw thread with micro-injection needles to offer an instant glow. It helps in treating pores, pigmentation, melasma and gives overall skin tightening and plumping results. It is also beneficial for dry and dull skin. 

PicoSure laser:

When we discuss about lasers for Skin Tightening Treatments and fine lines, PicoSure delivers impressive results. It is the first picosecond laser in the world that effectively combats scars, opens pores, and brightens the skin. Such type of laser produces minimal heat, and people of all skin types can opt for this treatment. 

Thermage FLX:

For a quick treatment, Thermage FLX is the ideal procedure. The applied heat helps in separating the water molecules from the fibrous collagen, thereby causing an immediate contraction, which results in tightening of the skin. The collagen keeps on remodeling and tightening with time.


Having loose skin is not harmful at all and does not require any treatment, but a few people do not like its appearance. The best method to tighten loose skin depends on the severity and the cause of the symptoms and other health considerations. Individuals have severe loose skin, surgery is the best method to make the most difference. People with minor-to-moderate loose skin can benefit immensely from massage, exercise, non-surgical procedures, firming products, and minimally invasive practices.

If you are dissatisfied with relentless loose skin, please take advice from a doctor. Nowadays, people are always on the lookout to age graciously, but the appearance of loose or saggy skin keeps on concerning everyone’s minds. Having loose skin is a natural part of the aging process caused due to overexposure to the sun and loss of collagen. If you want to tighten your skin as you are becoming old, there are numerous options available in the market as well as at home. Without a doubt, it is impossible to reverse the aging signs completely.  

You can choose the non-surgical way and add facial exercises or firming creams to your skincare routine. Moreover, there are also cosmetic techniques such as ultrasound skin tightening or laser surfacing that provide fast results. For finding the best solution and not to get confused, make an appointment with a certified dermatologist. They can provide a treatment plan depending on your health and skin type.

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Everywhere, businesses are opening steadily after months of closures due to COVID-19. Whether you are going outdoors more than ever and spending a lot of time under the sun or staying at home dealing with a warm environment, your skincare has not lost its value a bit. If you have too shiny skin, your skin is oily, and good Best Face Wash for Oily Skin and Acne in Pakistan is essential to keep the shine in check. When you have the right amount of oil on the skin, it protects the skin from various toxic substances.

However, too much oil can clog the skin pores and causes pimples and acne. Oily skin is caused due to genetics, change in hormones, a humid environment, fatty and sugary foods, and medications that affect your hormones. Fortunately, some products can remove the extra oil from your skin without over-drying to control oily skin. You need to find the Best Face Wash for Oily Skin and Acne in Pakistan to keep your complexion shine-free and clear.

How to Make Face Wash At Home for Oily Skin

We will discuss two methods on How to Make Face Wash At Home for Oily Skin.

Turmeric, Neem, Lemon, Multani Mitti, Gram Flour, and Tea Tree Oil

  • Take 5 tablespoons of Multani Mitti, ½ a tablespoon of turmeric powder, 1 tablespoon of Neem powder, 10 tablespoons of gram flour, ½ a tablespoon of lemon peel powder, and 5 to 10 drops of tea tree oil.
  • Mix all these ingredients well.
  • Now, keep in an airtight container to prevent entering any moisture.
  • Take 1 teaspoon of this mix and add some water to make a paste.
  • Massage circularly to apply all over the face.
  • After 10 minutes, rinse off.

Multani Mitti and the gram flour remove the excess oil from your skin while exfoliating it and remove dirt and dead skin. Tea tree oil and Neem help in reducing acne. The lemon peel powder and turmeric have anti-aging, skin lightening, and antiseptic properties.

Tomato and Cucumber

  • Take 1 small tomato and ½ a cucumber and grind them to make a smooth paste.
  • Apply the paste on your face and keep it for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse off with water

Tomato lightens the skin tone, removes the grime and dirt, and reverses sun damage. Cucumber is a superb cooling agent that proves additional freshness to your face. When mixed, they can control the greasiness and get rid of the impurities from the skin.

Best Face Wash for Oily Skin in Pakistan

Cleaning should be the first step in your regular skincare routine to have flawless skin. It helps remove pollution, dirt, and extra oil from the skin due to daily exposure to different environments. As cleansing is a critical part of skincare, it is also essential to choose the Best Face Wash for Oily Skin in Pakistan, especially if you have acne and oily prone skin.

SebaMed Liquid Face and Body Wash

It is a gentle wash that is free of alkali and soap. When you use harsh cleansers and soap, they upset the delicate skin and cause skin flaking and dryness. Hence, SebaMed Liquid Face and Body Wash are essential for healthy skin. With special vitamins, it can help in nourishing your skin to heal itself. The pH 5.5 helps in promoting the natural barrier function of your skin’s acid mantle.

Its ultra-mild formulation is effective in deep cleaning the pores without causing any irritation or dryness. The presence of soothing allantoin and the moisturizing complex of vitamins rinses away the impurities for smoother, healthier skin. This medicated product is also free from irritants such as Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Paraffin, and Parabens, making the formulation safe from allergy-prone and sensitive skin.

How to Apply:

  • Moisten your skin by splashing water
  • Make lather by adding one drop of the Face Wash for Oily Skin in your hands and apply to your face and neck.
  • Rinse off after 2 to 3 minutes.

Best Face Wash for Acne Skin in Pakistan

If you are dealing with acne for a long time or are a recent sufferer, eliminating acne is challenging. With multiple acne face washes available, it is not easy to figure out the best product. However, when choosing the Best Face Wash for Oily Skin and Acne in Pakistan, look for ingredients including glycolic acid, salicylic acid, sulfur, or benzoyl peroxide. These acne-fighting ingredients help absorb excess oil, eliminate pores and discard bacteria and dead skin for a clear complexion.

SebaMed Clear Face Cleansing Foam

This face cleaning foam fights acne and promotes healthy facial skin. It ensures deep cleaning of the pores to eliminate the blackheads, pimples, and skin impurities. SebaMed Clear Face Cleansing Foam contains an alkali-free active substance that removes excess dirt particles, sebum, and desquamation without making the skin dry.

The antibacterial ingredient Montaline C40 lowers the bacteria count and prevents forming new acne. Vitamin B5 helps in the natural regeneration of the itchy skin. A moisturizing complex of amino acids, lecithin, and vitamins, the cleaner rinses away the dirt for smooth and healthy skin. As the face wash is free from irritants like Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Paraffin, and Parabens, so it is safe from allergy-prone, pimple-prone, and sensitive skin. This Best Face Wash for Acne Skin in Pakistan produces a minimum lather compared to soap-based liquid washes and soaps that also cause dry skin and irritation.

Method of Instructions:

  • Drop a small amount of foam into your palm
  • Massage gently on your face and neck
  • Avoid the eye area
  • Let the foam penetrate your skin for 1 minute
  • Thoroughly rinse with water

Best Face Wash for Pimples in Pakistan

Do you know, your skin’s most horrid enemy is pimples? From a single zit to countless breakouts not disappearing quickly can be very annoying. Pimples occur from mindless eating anything you can grab to using the incorrect face products. To get rid of the breakout, a good cleanser can help in tackling the complex skin pimple.

SebaMed Clear Face Cleansing Bar

This medicated product assist in preventing the formation of whiteheads and blackheads and promotes healthy skin. The unique formula removes the excess oil and hydrates your skin without making it feel stretched or dry. SebaMed Clear Face Cleansing Bar contains an alkali-free wash active substance that easily removes the dirt particles, excess desquamation, and sebum without making your skin dry.

The presence of water-based natural hydrating agents, including Vitamin E, lecithin, and amino acids, moisturize your skin. With a natural pH value of 5.5, the cleansing bar protects and supports the biological barrier functioning of the skin. This Best Face Wash for Pimples is compatible with pimple-prone skin, oily skin, and sensitive skin, thereby cleaning the pores without any irritation or dryness as ordinary soap can. As the bar is free from Paraffin, Parabens, Phthalates, and Propylene Glycol, it is safe from allergy-prone, pimple-prone, and sensitive skin.

Method of Instructions:

  • Moisten your skin with water
  • Lather with a small amount in the palm
  • Apply to face
  • Thoroughly rinse with water

Best Face Wash for Clogged Pores in Pakistan

Everyone has pores; still, many grapple with their appearance. Many of you have tried shrinking the pores to make them smaller, but actually, it is not possible. So, the remedy to get rid of pores is to keep your face clean and free of debris, oil, and dirt that build up for a long period. Although splashing water over your face at regular intervals can help get rid of your pores, it is not always the best solution.

You need to choose the Best Face Wash for Clogged Pores to open the clogged pores with potent suction and release oil and dirt. This provides your skin a rejuvenating effect. The pore cleansers are efficient in removing impurities and acting as natural exfoliating agents that control excessive sebum formation and reduce pore diameter.

SebaMed Clear Face Deep Cleansing Toner

This Deep Cleansing Toner helps in purifying your pores without drying out your skin. By using the SebaMed Clear Face Deep Cleansing Tones, it assists in balancing and rejuvenating oily skin. If you search online as well as offline, you will find numerous cleansing toners available. However, this medicated product is a unique one. It fully gets rid of pores of the impurities that lead to acne. As it is made of a special complex of pH 5.5 and moisturizing ingredients, the toner quickly deep clean, soothe, and restore your skin’s natural barrier. It is effective in counteracting the growth of new pimples.

The Best Face Wash for Oily Skin and Acne in Pakistan gently cleans your face and removes the excessive dirt, oil, and sebum. Active ingredients Panthenol and Hamamelis encourage regeneration and soothing of the skin. Allantoin and silk proteins work as moisturizing agents. The pH value of 5.5 help in supporting the natural conservative acid mantle and promotes biological action against bacteria-causing pimple.

Method of Instructions:

  • Put a small amount of toner to a cotton wool pad
  • Apply the pad all over your face evenly
  • Please avoid your eyes when applying

FAQs about Face Wash

What is a face wash?

It is the only step in the skincare routine that you learn to do first to take care of your facial skin. You wash your face to remove all the dirt, makeup, sebum, bacteria, sweat, and dead cells that accumulate throughout the day. The main objective is maintaining radiant and healthy skin to prevent blemishes. Cleaning itself is not the end-solution; you should use the proper face wash for your skin type. A highly rich cleanser can clog the pores for oily skin, or a very drying one can irritate someone having dry skin. After applying the cleaner, the skin should not feel tight – only radiant and clean.

How to Pick a Suitable Face Wash According to Your Skin Type?

  • Checking the ingredients –Is it vital to you that a product is vegan or cruelty-free? Are you concerned about Parabens or phthalates? Answering such questions will narrow your options significantly.
  • Checking that the chosen product treats your condition – Are you irritated about skin that is extremely dry? Or looking to prevent acne outbreaks? Most products excel in these two areas, so be realistic about what you want and find a product that will help get rid of your problems.
  • Avoiding harsh additives – Dyes, fragrances, alcohols, and other ingredients can be toxic to dry skin and cause more dryness. Check out for products that are creamy and contain hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and aloe.

What steps to follow for cleaning your face perfectly?

  • Go through the instructions on the label thoroughly
  • Wash your hands properly
  • Rub the cleanser between your palms for activating the ingredients
  • With gentle circular motions, massage gently on your face to stimulate blood flow and help in detoxification.
  • Do not forget to apply on your neck and behind the ears
  • It is recommended to wash your face with lukewarm water.
  • After the cleaner is removed, splash your face with normal water to get a refreshing feel
  • Pat dry with a fresh towel
  • Moisturize to hydrate your skin


It is not so easy to find the right face wash. Everyone’s skin is unique, so there is no universal formula suitable for all. You have to do a trial and error method to get the product for your skin type finally. For beginners, the face wash should be oil-free, not clogging the pores and hydrating (Hydrating agents must include hyaluronic acid and ceramides).

The Best Face Wash for Oily Skin and Acne in Pakistan should assist in cleaning without removing essential oils from your face and maintaining your skin’s pH balance. If you are prone to acne, look for glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and alpha-hydroxy acid that help to exfoliate your skin. For sensitive skin, check out soothing ingredients, including clay or cucumber and creamy or milky textures.

girl with open hair

Hair loss is an early alarm to your deteriorating hair health! Are you getting finicky about get together? Is hair loss taking a toll on your self-esteem? The embarrassment or lowered self-esteem are a few common reasons why teenage guys and girls try to hide hair fall concerns! And this further deteriorates the scenario. Thinking about how to prevent hair loss for teenage guys and girls? Check out the comprehensive guide on how to stop hair shedding and common causes, signs, and symptoms that you must not ignore.

Hair loss in teenagers can make you feel paranoid as it could be a traumatic situation for both guys and girls. There can be multiple underlying issues leading to hair loss, such as hormonal imbalance or vitamin deficiency. Fortunately, at younger age regrowth of hair can be possible with a few right products and simple measures to treat it.

What do you exactly mean by hair loss? Is there a specific parameter for it? On average, losing 60-80 hair strands daily should be a significant alarm for hair loss. Munching on junk foods, hereditary issues, and hormonal imbalance could be a few things that could affect hair health. Safeguarding your hair and paying attention to a complete hair care routine could be a great way to deal with this.

Your hair follicle demands a regular flow of oxygen and nutrients, mainly when going through the anagen phase. The inclusion of specific ingredients can stimulate your blood circulation for creating the flow.

Hair Loss During Teenage

Are you bothered about hair fall? How to stop hair loss during weight loss? There are various reasons due to which hair fall is a major concern for teenage girls and guys. Losing hairs at such a young age becomes a major concern for all. Multiple reasons result in excessive hair fall, and you need good quality products to treat them. Do not get panic, as there are many ways to save your hairlines and temples for the thinning issue.

Do you expect baldness in only 30s and 40s? Teenage guys can also possibly get prone to this problem due to hormonal changes, stress, and changing lifestyles. However, it is treatable with a few thoughtful efforts in this line.

Before you make any pre-assumptions related to loss of hair, look at the multiple ways you can slow down or completely avoid hair fall issues. There are multiple hair care products like SebaMed that maintain the natural pH level of your scalp and control hair loss. You can complement it with home remedies to prevent it as well.

Basics of Hair Loss in Teenage for Girls and Guys are:

  • Many teens notice the thinning or receding hairline issues prevalent with their hair. It kind of leads to a baldness pattern that is more significant is males.
  • Combine effect of hormones and genetics can also be a prominent cause for hair loss. Certain hormones are proactive in increasing the adolescence process. And this eventually results in hair loss concerns, especially when you enter your mid to late teens.
  • Certain effective medications such as minoxidil and finasteride are also considerable for prevention but only after approval and consultation of experts.
  • It is imperative to notice early signs and get active towards treating them right from the very start. This would cut down the risk of adverse effects on your hair.
  • Other causes of teen hair loss include inefficient intake of nutrients and overexerting yourself due to stress.

Above all, if you are skeptical about how to prevent hair loss for teenage girls, the most important thing is a selection of the right products. This can result in a considerable level of difference in the quality and quantity of your hair. Do you dream of thick, shiny, and lustrous hairs? Scour out the below techniques to rescue yourself from the dreadful hair fall!

Causes & Common Signs of Hair Loss in Teenage Guys

Are you looking at how to stop hair loss in teenage guys? There are numerous factors listed down below to offer a solution for all your concerns:

  • Nutritional deficiency– Iron and other important nutrition restore the natural growth of your hair. Their deficiency can cause shedding and even lead to temporary hair fall. Certain critical vitamins like Vitamin D and C can also amplify the growth of hair.
  • Psychological factors– Teenage is the time when you are uncertain about the new life. There might be stress and anxiety that could gradually hamper your mental well-being. And the traumatic events result in a certain kind of temporary hair loss known as telogen effluvium.
  • Medical illnesses– If you face any medical infections or consistent diseases such as thyroid or diabetes, then even that leads to shedding of the hairline. Many guys also suffer infections that result in partial baldness on specific parts of your scale of Head.
  • Hair damage– While figuring out how to prevent hair loss for teenage guys, you must also take a reality check of the styling treatments you opt for. Overuse of chemical-based products of excessive heating also initiates follicular damage that can lead to permanent or temporary hair loss.
  • Medication– Use certain medications like acne or ADHD to treat psychological disorders; they might also cause a side effect.

Now, let’s move on to the causes leading to hair loss in teenage girls!

Causes of Hair Loss in Teenage Girls!


The use of hormonal tablets or birth control pills is the most common reason for hair loss. It can also substantially reduce the risk of thinning as well.

Traction alopecia

Do you tie hairs tightly? Tight ponytails, heavy hair extensions or braids can result in hair follicle damage. This can ultimately result in permanent hair loss. You can try more free hair looks to reduce hair breakage. Wearing helmets or over-ear headphones for very long hours might also result in traction alopecia.

Over styling

Are you fanatic about styling up hairs? Overuse of dyes, perming or bleach on hair might result in a fallout. Usage of excessive-high heat tool setting also results in breaking of hair strands.


Change of hormones is again a major reason for the hair fall in females. Diseases such as lupus, thyroid, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) occurring in Teenage can also lead to hair loss problems.

Poor Nutrition

Do you wonder how to stop hair loss during weight loss? Wrong or excessive dieting can also be a major reason for losing hair in females. Over-exercising and lack of sleep or nutrition also contribute considerably to hair loss problems.


Work or study obligations and other stress issues in the family can also significantly cause piling up to the loss of hair in females.

What are the Common Signs of Hair loss in Guys and Girls?

How to determine if you are already into the trap of hair loss issues? Going bald as a teenager can be a weird thing for many. Keep a check on the few important signs that result in loss of hair. You might also be able to notice certain signs of baldness right from your teens.

  • Hairline Changes– The moment you start identifying the loss of hair or thinning around your temples, its time to get alarmed. Your hairline might start getting lighter between your face and scalp. Pay attention to thin V or M-Like shapes to identify the hair loss in yourself.
  • No more fuller looking scalp– If you find that the hair top appears to be thin and the hair is scarce, its time to try something new. Thinning for a longer time can result in creating a bald area on your crown portion.
  • Hair fall after a shower– Is it a nightmare to comb wet hair after a wash? If you find that the quantity of hairs on your comb starts increasing, it is essential to check the hairbrush regularly for the hair check.
  • Abnormal hair shedding– Until you lose 60-80 hair strands daily, there is no major issue. But post that, you can identify that the hair fall is more, and then you need to find quick solutions.

You are aware of the reasons why hair fall occurs and important signs of hair loss that you must not avoid. Let’s proceed to the ways in which you can prevent hair loss in your teens.

How to Prevent Hair Loss for Teenage Guys or Teenage Girls?

Is it common to lose hair in teens? How to stop hair loss in teenage guys or girls? While you are approaching in your early twenties, it is crucial that you might start getting the first signs of baldness. Most guys between the age of 15 to 17 years of age tend to experience hair loss. Girls, on the other hand, mostly face hair fall due to hormonal changes in them.

Entering puberty is also a common reason for hair loss in teens. Thinning of the hairline can be stressful and result in depression. Luckily, the pattern of baldness can get treated if recognized during the early period. You need to protect your hairs with the list of important and reliable ways that could save you from significant hair loss. The earlier to start the treatment, the better would the results that you can derive.

Hair Products for Prevention of Hair Loss

Are you looking for ways on how to prevent hair loss for teenage guys? Check out the list of SebaMed products that save you from the dreadful baldness threat! Let’s start with the easiest method, which is the replacement of the hair product range.

SebaMed Hair Repair Conditioner

SebaMed Hair Repair conditioner comes packed with the perfect balance of moisturizing complex and silk proteins. SebaMed hair conditioner proves helpful in carefully restoring the natural keratin layers of your hair. It aids in the proper care and protection of dull, frizzy hair. The efficacy of products is well-acclaimed by the leading dermatologists of the world.

  • With 88% hair care protection, this shampoo fights the early signs of hair loss and strengthens the hair.
  • The dryness of hair gets replaced with intense shine and volume, which results in the prevention of hair breakage.
  • Ideal to use for normal to dry hairs.
  • Ph value of 5.5 acts as the natural barrier to protect the natural acid mantle of the scalp.
  • Clinically approved and tested product guarantees safe to use for even people with relatively drier hairs.

SebaMed Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Next on the list to stop hair loss is the uniquely designed and dermatologically tested formula by SebaMed. It brings you the perfect SebaMed anti-hair loss shampoo that prevents hair loss and imparts new life to your dull hair routine. The natural extracts foster the nutrients and offer long-lasting relief from dryness with consistent use.

  • The expert shampoo is infused with genuine conditioners such as caffeine, piroctone and olamine; it gently cleanses the hair strands from root to tip.
  • The shampoo is free from alkali or soap, making it an apt choice for smooth and bouncy hair.
  • Sebamed Anti Hair Loss Shampoo adds strength to the acid mantle of your scalp at the healthy ph level of 5.5.
  • It is completely free from parabens or irritants like phthalates.
  • Sebamed incorporates the special non-allergenic and non-comedogenic formula into this shampoo.
  • International dermatologists undergo multiple levels of the testing process and impart complete scalp protection for your hair.

SebaMed Anti Dry Revitalizing Shampoo

Teenage girls and guys often face brittle, dry and itchy scalp issues due to multiple reasons such as bleaching, colouring, and frequent washing. Frequent styling and other types of environmental aggression can also lead to dryness in the scalp. With the regular use of Sebamed Anti Dry Revitalizing Shampoo, you can add a perfect hair care routine to your schedule. The milk compounds included in this shampoo ensure removing all types of dirt and sebum from the hair. Besides, it intensely repairs and nourishes the damaged cuticles to give you smoother and shinier hair.

  • Sebamed Anti Dry Revitalizing shampoo consists of triple natural nutritional conditioners.
  • The inclusion of soy proteins, gaur seeds, and pea proteins comes along with the amino acid complex that revitalizes the hair cuticles from deep inside.
  • It works effectively to relieve your itchy scalp from irritation and improvises hair elasticity and reduces fizziness.
  • This shampoo is proven clinically to reduce hair dryness.
  • Even people with sensitive scalp can try this shampoo as it is free from irritants such as Paraffin, Parabens, Phthalates and Propylene Glycol.
  • Above all, this shampoo is very mild and acclaimed globally for its superior quality and texture.

SebaMed Everyday Shampoo

Fight the early hair loss problems in your Teenage with the SebaMed Everyday Shampoo use regularly! It is a detergent-free shampoo created by top dermatologists for deep cleansing the hair and scalp. If you are looking for a solution that can effectively hydrate your dry scalp, this one is a good option. You can combat the itchiness of the scalp and also combat critical hair conditions such as psoriasis.

  • Botanically based shampoo acts as a perfect barrier for protecting your hair and scalp.
  • Ultra-mild ingredients aid in increasing hair shine and even retains the natural hair volume.
  • It helps in retaining the intrinsic structure of the hair growth and enhances the sheen of your hair.
  • SebaMed everyday shampoo is completely free from harmful irritants such as Phthalates, Paraffin, Parabens and Propylene Glycol.
  • It supports giving a natural hydrolipid barrier to your skin’s mantle.

Home Remedies to Stop Hair Loss!

After the proven products on how to stop hair shedding, it’s time to identify few home remedies that could help you in the process. A few important tips on diet and hair care can help you to achieve your goals. However, if you identify any serious condition, it’s better to consult a good doctor.

Here are the top home remedies to deal with hair loss issues:

  • Higher protein intake– Consuming protein-rich foods, including nuts, can enhance hair growth and strength. Your hair follicles need proteins to grow, and its deficiency can cause multiple hazards. A common source of dietary proteins includes fish, eggs, beans. Lean meats and nuts.
  • Eat more iron-rich foods– Your teens are the time when your nutritional requirement is quite high, and you need to match up the pace with it. Including iron in your diet can result in healthy hair growth. Common sources of foods that are rich in iron include lentils, spinach, pumpkin seeds, Pomegranates and white beans. Adding iron to your regular diet can amplify hair growth.
  • Aromatherapy– It records a confirmed efficacy in stimulating overall hair growth. Common herbs that can amplify hair growth include lavender, cedarwood, thyme, rosemary and Holy Basil. Their essential oils, including walnut or coconut oil, can help in imparting a relative effect on your hair growth. Few people might also face topical allergies at times, and its better to take a 24 hours patch test before using it on your complete head.
  • Scalp massages– Gently massaging your scalp can lead to properly regulated blood flow on your scalp and result in better hair growth. Use advanced SebaMed products along with good hair oil to complete the hair care routine.
  • Pumpkin seed oil– This oil is also effective in ensuring better hair growth. You can identify a big difference with 6 months of regular application of this oil.

Hair Loss Prevention Treatments

Looking for how to prevent hair loss for teenage girl and guys! Check out the common treatments that doctors or hair specialists might suggest depending on your scalp condition.


A common and effective composition such as minoxidil is proven to effectively stop hair loss and growth of new fine hair. Prescribed anti-androgens can also help in treating hair loss diseases such as alopecia.

Iron supplements

Iron is a major component responsible for positive hair growth in teens and adults. Deficiency of iron results in hair fall, but the prescribed supplements can help you manage it effectively.

Antifungal Therapy

Hair loss also occurs commonly due to various types of fungal infections. Your doctor might suggest a few antifungal medicines or shampoo treat this effectively.

Hair transplantation

This solution persists in mostly male teens. Doctors might suggest the hair transplant, and the overall procedure could be invasive. There are several benefits of opting for this treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions | Hair Loss in Teenage guys and girls

Q. How to stop hair shedding?

A. Stress and anxiety management is the basic principle to manage hair loss. Apart from that, eating healthy foods that supplements hair growth is also a good option. Teens must intake meals that are rich in proteins and iron, such as fresh veggies or fruits.

Q. How to stop hair loss during weight loss?

A. Thumb rule is to slowly lose weight. During the loss of weight, your body undergoes several changes, and it could react back in a myriad of ways. Restrict your Vitamin A intake to moderate and enrich your diet with iron and proteins for healthy and shining hairs.

Q. How to regrow hair naturally in Teenage?

A. Regular massaging of the scalp can help restore natural hair growth and be possibly used along with masks and oils. Other natural hair regrowth ways in teens are Coconut Oil, Fish oil, Aloe vera, onion juice, Ginseng and Rosemary oil.

Final words

Hopefully, the above guide manages to answer all your queries on how to prevent hair loss for teenage guys and girls! Teens is like stepping into your adult life, and hair thinning, or baldness at this stage is unacceptable. If its distressing for you to lose hair significantly, slow down and start reversal for your hair loss.

Do not neglect the slightest symptoms and switch to superior quality nature-based products for the overall protection of your health. Hair protection is imperative, and the right measures from the start can ensure it. Shine in style with lustrous and healthy hair!

soap bar

Confused about the right soap for your family! Often people end up making the right choices for bar soaps that results in multiple skin allergies or dryness of the skin. Right soap plays a crucial part in your basic skincare regime but is ignored most of the time. Why is the selection of mild soap important? What is mild soap?

Well, a good bar soap efficient eliminates all the sweat, dirt, and germs from your body without hampering the skin’s natural acid mantle. You can feel clean and refreshed after the regular use of such soaps!

Some people have rough skin; some have dry or sensitive skin! Thus, the choice of ph Balanced bar soap can positively nourish your skin and moisturize it from the pores. Unlike regular soaps, low ph soap does not fall harsh on your skin and nor does it leave any itchiness or skin irritation. Deep cleansing along with proper hydration are the key roles of a good quality mild soap. Let’s dive into important facts that could help in picking up the best soap for your SKINCARE!

What is Mild Soap?

Mild soap comprises skin-friendly and gentle ingredients that nourish your skin from the inside and helps in maintaining the natural ph level of the skin, which is 5.5. Many ph balanced soap brands also have claimed to offer healthier and younger-looking skin with their regular use.

However, few people still have ambiguous concepts about the relativity of ph level to skin health and selecting the best soap for women, men, and kids. The theory that soaps are all equal and careful selection does not matter might be a big reason for frequent visits to the dermatologist. 

What are the essentials of mild soap? Can ph-balanced bar soap solve all skin problems? Well, to an extent, yes, unless there are some medical complexities or skin diseases. The majority of the soap brands you find in the market are not ‘True’ Soaps. On that note, it becomes imperative to get a handy list of top-quality soap brands that we have mentioned below.

True soap is an exact combination of the alkali and natural fats that hydrate your skin pores, keeping it young, shiny, and healthy. Alkali (Lye) is the Sodium Hydroxide which is a specific chemical coming out of salt. Hence, this content is a must in your bar soap for complete skin care. But the bizarre fact is that most of the traditional soaps do not contact natural fats or lye. It proves that most of the soap brands you have been using for a long are simply cleansers or synthetic detergents!

All this while, you were getting paranoid about the undesirable outcomes from your bathing soap; then now you know the reason. The traditional soaps also have fragrances, sodium lauryl sulfate and other harmful ingredients making your skin more rough and harsh! In addition, they throw off the Ph Balance (Acidity Level) of the skin and trigger further irritation on it.

  • The average ph level in the traditional soap lies somewhere in 9 to 10. But the average Ph level of the skin naturally is just 4 to 5. Can you note the difference?
  • Soaps having higher Ph values can disrupt the natural ph and make it lesser acidic. It could result in acne, dryness of skin and other multiple skin hazards.
  • Using mild soap means restoring the natural ph value of the skin and keeping it gentle and soft.

Mild Soap: What are the Benefits and Uses?

Today, people live in an environment full of dirt, pollutants, and harmful gases that ruins that natural skin shield. As a result, people with sensitive skin need extra care to avoid falling prone to any major skin allergies or diseases. Mild soap is an amazing way to detox their skin from harmful particles, and it acts as a gentle cleanser on your skin. All these products are also emollient, which means they are non-cosmetic moisturizers.

Ph balanced bar soap or mild soap slowly soothes or softens your skin, and it does not strip away natural oils and nutrients. It also makes your appearance younger and healthier by maintaining the skin mantle. Besides, it can also significantly reduce the symptoms of various skin diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis.

Uses of Mild Soap

Selecting ph-balanced bar soap can be very useful for overall skin health. Why is it necessary to use a mild soap? Several medical and skin health-related aspects make it necessary to imply the right soap into your daily regimes. Below stated uses could help you identify why mild soap or the ph balanced soap brands could work best for you!

Here are skin conditions in which mild soap can work for you:

Acne– It includes whiteheads, bumps, and blackheads that lead to the accumulation of dirt and the dead skin clogged pores. Acne is easy to treat with high-quality over-the-counter medications. With the best soap for women, people can identify the improvement in their skin. Such cleansers do not consist of harsh ingredients that have alcohol or fragrance. Hence, they provide mild cleansing without stimulating the acne problem. With regular and long-term use, you can identify the difference.

Sensitive Skin– It relates to several skin-related concerns such as rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and other multiple skin disorders. All of this creates a layer of dirt on your skin. And there is no accurate cure for such type of skin conditions as they are natural. However, the low ph soap can reduce the levels of itching, dryness and redness in the skin. In addition, mild soap gives a calming effect and eases down inflammation. It also hydrates the skin by acting as a natural moisturizer. (Photo by Olya Prutskova from Pexels)

Itchy skin– The root cause for itchy skin might be common conditions like eczema or psoriasis and even dryness. The use of makeup tones, harsh cleansers, and moisturizers can further increase dryness and prolonged itchiness in the skin. It would be best to switch to a mild soap to reduce the level of dryness and ensure that your skin remains moisturized and smooth. (Photo by Kristina Nor from Pexels)

Skin Redness- Despite having any skin condition, you are prone to developing skin redness with regular cleansers or traditional soaps. If the product is too harsh or allergic, it can hamper skin health. But constant use of ph-balanced bar soap can reduce skin irritation and redness. (Photo by Dhyamis Kleber from Pexels)

Pimples and dead clogs– Skin is a shield to your internal health, and it obstructs all the dreadful elements from intervening with your body. And the face is the most exposed part of your body. Hence, facial skin is subject to pimples and clogging of dead cells if proper skin care is not taken. Pimples are nothing but the gathering of dead cells where required cleansing and hydration are not provided.

By using mild soap in your daily regime, it is possible to break this pimple cycle and regulate a better blood flow to your facial cells. This would not just impart you freedom from pimples but also help you get soft baby skin that glows amazingly!

Where to Buy Mild Soap?

Now you know all about what is mild soap? Well, then the next question might be where to buy authentic and trusted low ph soap. Visit to get all types of the best soap for women, men and even babies. We bring across a complete skincare range of products, including a gentle cleansing bar and shower gels for adults and kids. Our comprehensive list of mild soaps consists of something for everyone. You can also find such soaps at any grocery store, drug store or other retailers.

While buying the right soap, it is vital to look out for alcohol-free products and fragrant-free in nature. You can also check out soaps with a special formulation for people with allergic or hypersensitive skin types. Check out the best range of soaps at and ensure complete healthcare of your skin.

List of top ph Balanced Soap Brands Online!

Ph Balanced Bar Soap | Best Soap for Women

SebaMed Cleansing Bar

The Sebamed Cleansing bar is a Ph Balanced body cleanser that moisturizes and nourishes your body without causing any ill effects. With its skin-healing properties, even the people with the most sensitive skin can use it. It protects that natural layer of your skin and maintains the Ph-level of 5.5.

Developed by expert dermatologists, the Sebamed Cleansing bar is ultra-mild in nature and perfectly suited for without causing any skin irritations. Vitamins, amino acids, and lecithin content can provide you a smoother and healthier-looking skin. It is completely free from harmful irritants such as Parabens, Phthalates, and Propylene Glycol.

Other Soap Brands in this category are:

  • Khadi Natural Sandalwood Soap
  • Santoor Sandal And Turmeric Soap
  • NIVEA Crème Soft Soap
  • Himalaya Herbals Cream And Honey Nourishing Soap

Low Ph Soap

SebaMed Clear Face Cleansing Bar

Sebamed’s clear face cleansing bar is very effective in cleaning the deep pores of your skin. It also clears blackheads, skin impurities, and whiteheads. This is a low Ph soap that is an alkali-free wash active substance that removes desquamation, excess sebum, and other dirt particles without causing any dryness to the skin.

The advanced formula of this bar adjusts and blends well with the natural ph value of the skin and acts as a biological barrier from the formation of new pimples and germs. It also reduces acne-causing bacteria. Water-based hydrating agents such as Vitamin E, Amino acids and Lecithin ensure restores the moisture in your skin.

Other Soap Brands in this category are:

  • Pears Pure & Gentle
  • Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar
  • Oriflame Sweden Nature Secrets Soap Bar
  • Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar

Mild Soap for Babies

SebaMed Baby Cleansing Bar

The Sebamed Baby cleansing bar is a deep cleanser that effectively moisturizes your skin without leading to any skin damage. It is a soap-friendly cleansing bar designed especially for babies and suitable for sensitive infant skin. With the ph-level of 5.5, it prevents dryness or itchiness of the skin.

This cleansing bar also comprises several vitamins and amino acids required for the hydration of baby skin. Secure a good skincare regime for your little one with this dermatologist-recommended premium brand that ensures complete protection.

Other Soap Brands in this category are:

  • Babyganics Shampoo + Body Wash
  • Johnson’s Head-To-Toe Wash & Shampoo
  • Baby Dove Derma Care Soothing Wash
  • Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo & Wash

The top ph balanced soap brands are leading the market due to their unmatchable quality and promising results. Thousands of people dealing with multiple skin problems have found a way out with the inclusion of these bar soaps into their daily regime. If you also desire to have shiny and healthy skin that makes you look like a celebrity, try these topmost brands to identify the best version of yourself. Start using them today and get the clear skin that you desire to flaunt in style!

Precautions While Using the Mild Soap

Mild soap is most of the time gentle as it is well-designed for people having sensitive skin. However, few people are allergic to certain elements or ingredients in the soap. Hence, keeping a watch on your skin response to the mild soap is also important. With some precautions, you can ensure better skincare, especially for those having sensitive skin types.

Even after using a mild soap, it is advisable to discontinue using it right away if you observe skin irritation. You can also speak to your dermatologists or the doctor in the context of using these soaps. Common signs of irritation are skin peeling, dryness or itchiness in the skin.

With early signs, you must approach a good dermatologist and identify the core reason for this. They are the best authority to guide you on this and help you find the right ways to treat it in a timely manner!

You can consider a hypoallergenic soap in such an instance as it constitutes milder ingredients that do not interrupt the natural skin mantle. Besides, it efficiently removes all the skin dirt without causing any type of irritation. Even your doctor might recommend a good allergist to you who can identify the specific ingredient you are allergic to in the mild soap. This can enable you to make the right choice for a mild soap and retain the skincare completely!

Key Takeaways

Are you now aware of what is mild soap for your skin? Selection of low ph soap is vital where you are having sensitive skin or the normal one. As women and men proceed towards aging, the type of skincare products they choose affects a lot. And if you have sensitive skin, there is no taking chance at all for you. It is then apt to minimize the dirt from your skin without hampering the natural acid mantle of your skin. This is a perfect barrier against all the impurities hitting your skin from external environments.

When you cleanse the skin without having a harsh impact on the pores, it automatically re-generates the deep pores inside and gives a new glow to your appearance. A mild soap only retains this natural skin mechanism of protecting it from external dirt and pollutants.

After using such soaps for a couple of months, you can identify the miraculous difference. All the products under this category are well-tested and researched before referring to people with sensitive skin types. For the best outcomes, you can for yourself try Sebamed and explore the difference!

baby in tub

It is heavenly to hold a newborn baby for the first time in your arms! Being a parent is a journey filled with happiness, concern, joy and nervousness. After experiencing their movements for the 9 months in the womb, its now the moment to enjoy their company. But aren’t first-time parents worried and anxious about baby care and hygiene? Now, all you need is the best baby bath essentials that are suitable for their delicate skin.

Anything harsh could damage or cause reactions to babies, and this is quite worrisome! So, let’s sneak over the checklist of the most important baby bath supplies and baby essentials kits that you must keep handy. After all, parents cannot settle for anything but the best for the newborns’ tender baby skin.

Here are the things to consider while preparing the baby essentials kit for the first time:

  • All the products you choose must be dermatologically tested.
  • Every baby care product needs to undergo approval by an expert paediatrician.
  • The products listed must be hypoallergenic.
  • It should have a very mild fragrance as strong smells could disturb the babies.
  • Products should be gentle and mild so that the original moisture content retains in their sensitive skin.
  • Most importantly, check the Ph value of every product you select and ensure that it is also Paraben-free.

When you find a suitable product that matches all these criteria, you can surely consider it for your newborn baby!

Baby Bath Essentials and Supplies for Complete Hygiene and Care!

Baby skin is very delicate, and it slowly nurtures with the right oil massages, a cleansing bar, lotions, powder, oil and many other products. Therefore, first-time parents need to stay very cautious about their baby essentials kit as every product could positively or negatively impact the baby’s skin.

Although many brands are out in the market and sometimes it is overwhelming to make the right selection. But Sebamed baby care range understand the baby skin and creates specialized products that restore the natural acid mantle of their skin at a Ph Value of 5.5.

Here are the products that could help in developing and taking care of your baby’s gentle skin:

1. Cleansing Bar:

Bathing time is the most relaxing time for babies. Newborn babies are more prone to vomits, poop, and other natural ways of flushing out excess milk. This makes it necessary to clean them up quite often to prevent any allergies in any part of their bodies. A good cleansing bar can help in nourishing their skin and at the same time ensure complete hygiene for your baby. Hence, it is a must in the Baby bath essentials list.

Why SebaMed baby Cleansing bar:?

Sebamed cleansing bar is a premium product made in Germany and is 100% free from soap and alkali. It has an effective moisturizing complex packed with amino acids and other vitamins, which thoroughly nourishes the soft baby skin. Apart from hydrating and retaining the moisture in your baby’s skin, it also maintains the natural lipid balance.

  • Panthenol content regenerates the skin pores, and Chamomile gives a soothing effect to the skin.
  • The baby-friendly fragrance that is free from chemicals.
  • Ideal to use after 1st month.
  • Dermatologically tested and approved by experts

Above all, it maintains the natural acid mantle of the baby’s skin with a pH value of 5.5 and is proven for 0% allergic reactions in babies. You need to apply this Sebamed cleansing bar softly on their skin and avoid excessive scrubbing to prevent skin hazards.

2. Body Wash:

Many parents prefer using a body wash before the cleansing bar is it much milder on the delicate and fragile baby skin. After a good relaxing oil massage, using a good quality paraben-free baby body wash helps ensure complete cleanliness of the sensitive baby skin.

Why SebaMed Gentle Baby wash: ?

Parents must include this excellent German-based product by Sebamed into their list of baby bath supplies. This product is a sugar-based mild cleanser with a Ph of 5.5. Most of the cleansers have the Ph value>7 that results in barrier damage. Protecting the acid mantle of the baby’s skin is essential, especially till the first 3 weeks. Sebamed baby gentle wash restricts the growth of Pathogenic bacteria and prevents moisture loss from their skin. It is also free from irritants and therefore comprises 0% reactions and allergies.

  • Delicate wash for the baby skin
  • No irritability
  • The tear-free formula for babies
  • Contains lipids similar to that in Vernix
  • Approved by top pediatricians and dermatologists.

3. Shampoo for Hair Care:

Most Parents often ignore this item in their baby essentials kit as they feel baby hair do not need a special shampoo. However, it is wrong, and you need to be vigilant about the right hair care from the start itself. A regular deep oil massage into their scalp and a hair wash will mild baby shampoo ensure complete hair care of your little one. After all, their hair also needs the right nourishment to grow strong and shine amazingly.

Why Sebamed Baby Shampoo:?

Sebamed is a leading brand that is mild on a baby’s sensitive skin, and its every product is designed to lock the natural acid mantle of your baby’s skin. Our baby shampoo comprises mild cleansers that evenly removes all the dirt without causing any irritation to their scalp. It also consists of gerbil extracts from chamomile, which alleviates the itchiness and completely soothes the skin from within. Besides, it comes with a special ‘No Tears’ formula and botanical fragrance to please your baby.

  • Apt to use after 6 months
  • Babies suffering from eczema, dandruff or cradle cap can also get nourishment with this mild shampoo.
  • Suitable for hair care in infants with sensitive scalp.
  • Dermatologically tested shampoo

While you apply the Sebamed Baby shampoo on their scalp, massage gently and do not leave it for too long as a week. Ensure that it does not come in contact with their eyes.

4. Diaper Rash Cream

When planning the minimalist baby essentials, a good quality rash cream is a must in your cart. Even if you opt for the best quality diapers, a good rash cream helps keep the gentle baby skin away from any boils and rashes. It is ideal for applying a little bit of rash cream post every diaper change. Regular application of this cream on their butt and waist area prevents skin rashes and protects them from dryness.

Why Sebamed Diaper Rash Cream:?

Baby skin is delicate, and the advanced Sebamed diaper rash cream skilfully stimulates healing in the intimate areas of baby skin. The Panthenol content ensures reliable protection, and the squalane offers the required lipid support to the skin. It also acts as a barrier to acquire the natural PH value of 5.5 in their skin and ensures overall protection and hygiene. Babies can spend cozy nights with uninterrupted sleep as this rash cream waives away all the discomfort and irritation caused due to diapers.

  • 35% Lipid content
  • Ph 5.5 help in normalizing skin that gets elevated due to urine contact
  • Prevents any microorganisms and bacteria to cause skin infection.
  • Allantoin content gives a smooth and supple texture to the baby skin.
  • Frequent use in the skin around genital areas helps in avoiding rashes and gives smooth skin.

5. Baby massage Oil:

Soft oil massages are crucial to growth and development in newborn babies. Parents must include a soothing massage oil in their baby essentials kit. Massages calm down the irritation in babies, relaxes them and also aids in developing stronger bones.

Hence, the choice of the right massage oil can make a lot of difference in your baby’s skin texture and muscle strength. A light oil that soaks deep into the skin without disrupting the natural acid mantle helps prevent skin dryness. In summers, take little quantities to avoid stickiness in their skin.

Why Sebamed Baby Skin Care Oil: ?

Good quality baby skincare oil ensures complete protection of your baby’s sensitive skin. It constitutes Emollient along with 95% natural soy oils for complete moisturization. Sebamed Baby oil is also rich in Vitamin F formula and soya oil compounds that accelerate skin tolerability. It is a great product for the overall care of the gentle baby skin, and parents can start using it right from day 7 of the baby’s birth.

  • Helps in relaxing the baby
  • Almost no irritant reactions
  • Gives soft and supple baby skin
  • Prevent sky dryness by restoring natural moisture.

6. Baby Powder:

With a good quality baby powder, you can freshen up the babies after every change. Parents need to stay cautious about no sticking of baby joints near ears, legs or legs, common in the first few months. Thus, including it in minimalist baby essentials is imperative. Application of baby powder at the joints and folds helps prevent the skin from getting sticky or developing redness in it.

Why Sebamed Baby Powder: ?

Sebamed baby powder comes with olive oil extracts that help in preventing dryness in the baby’s skin. It also consists of Allantoin that offers you smooth and soft skin. Parents can start using this powder from 1 month onwards. The soothing botanical fragrance also makes your little one feel happy. It absorbs all additional moisture from the baby’s skin so that they can feel comfortable in it. There is also an extra soft formula with Allantoin, which prevents the baby skin from all types of irritation.

  • Ideal for infants with sensitive skin
  • Almost no allergic reactions
  • Absorbs excess skin oils
  • Apply gently on your baby’s skin.

7. Baby Lotion:

A skin-friendly baby lotion also aids in moisturizing the soft baby skin from the pores. Hence, you must search for products that are free from Silicon and Paraben as they can harm your babies’ delicate skin. You can go for the Sebamed baby care lotion that comes with Chamomile extracts, allantoin and other natural oils that can protect your baby’s skin from all types of irritation. It also ensures better skin hydration in them. Hence, you should include it in your baby bath supplies checklist and ensure smooth and soft baby skin.

Why SebaMed Baby Lotion: ?

With SebaMed Baby Lotion, you can able to moisturize and nourish your baby’s skin properly. The lotion comprises natural lipids and a pH level of 5.5 Ordinary baby lotions have a pH greater than 7 and contain propylene glycol and parabens that cause skin irritation and burning sensation. However, Sebamed lotion contains 7 percent sorbitol +
lecithin + natural lipids, ensuring hydration for a long period.

8. Baby Bathtub:

The bathtub is a good way to ensure a comfortable bathing experience for your little one. But you must choose the right design, material and size of the tub to ensure that your baby enjoys the bathing session. It is vital to opt for a high-grade bathtub material as the regular cheap plastic might cause a reaction on your baby’s sensitive skin.

9. Hooded baby towels:

After the rejuvenating baby bath, you need a soft and cosy hooded towel to help them in accommodating the temperature difference as bathrooms are warm and humid inside. Hoods can cover up their ears and ensure protection from the drop in temperature. There are various such towels accessible in the market, and you can make the right choice out of them.

10. Baby Nail Clipper:

There are special nail clippers available online to trim down the tiny baby nails with care. Your baby essentials kit must include this nail clipper so that your baby does not get hurt while you chip their nails off. As babies have a constant habit of scratching their faces, long nails could hurt their tender eyes and soft skin. Hence, nail clippers should be a part of their daily bath care regime.

11. Baby Comb:

Baby hair are usually frizzy unless you nurture them with the right baby oil massages and shampoo washes. To ensure their tangle-free hair, brushing and regular combing is necessary. Baby hairbrush has soft bristles that render a smooth effect on the baby’s scalp and improvises their blood circulation.

12. Bath Toys:

Babies can have more fun when there are toys around. With the help of baby bath toys in their tub, you can indulge them in a better cleaning session, and they could soon become water babies. Keeping such toys handy is a great idea to make bath-time entertaining for them. Include them as a part of your minimalist baby essentials checklist!

Wrapping Up!

Pepping up your baby for the first bath is never easy. They are very little and fragile creatures that need to be handled with utmost care. And parents need to very thoughtful and picky while selecting the products for their babies.

It is always advisable to go for minimalist baby essentials that do not cause any harm to the sensitive baby skin. When you are buying baby care products, they need to free from chemicals or any other substances that can cause rashes or harm the baby skin in any means. Hence, the above guide of baby bath essentials can help you prevent the last-minute fuss and be ready for baby care and hygiene with this quick checklist. Happy Parenting!

How to Balance your Skin ph Naturally

girl with makeup

Most people often struggle between exploring the best version of themselves and working hard to be a part of everything. While you are busy attending family gatherings and reunions, taking out time for skin and hair care becomes a big fuss. Meanwhile, selecting the right skincare products is another tedious task to accomplish. But what if you can spare some time and think about retaining the skin pH level for perfect gorgeous skin? What is the natural pH of skin? How to balance your skin Ph naturally?

What is the pH value of skin?

How do you measure your body temperature or blood pressure levels? It is evident by determining the right value at which the body retains an average temperature level. When your skin is neither oily nor dry and glows at its best, this means it contains a proper pH value. Locating the exact sweet spot of skin moderation is dermatologically termed as the ‘pH balance’ of skin. And the majority of the skincare products and brands struggle to achieve the desired pH value for skin. So, you need to take care of this aspect while purchasing any beauty product.

Natural skin pH balance can maintain apt skin texture and tone. But what is the exact concept of pH 5.5? You might have heard many brands claiming that their products contain a Ph 5.5 level for your skin beauty. Ph refers to the ‘Potential of hydrogen’ in your skin. You can also understand it as the level of hydrogen ions in any product. And where does it ph concept come from? Danish chemist S.P.L. Sorensen came up with the idea of the Ph scale in the 1900s. It was a parameter to measure the alkalinity and acidity of the skin. The acidic levels can range anywhere from 0 to 14.

More about the pH 5.5 concept

There is a natural acid barrier that acts as a shield for the skin. It secretes sebum from the skin and cuts down the fatty acids in it. Besides, it also plays a significant role in retaining good skin health and blocks all toxins and germs, causing harm. Don’t you think it is a scientific explanation of good skin health? If the combination of acidity and alkalinity goes off the track, your skin might go crazy. Hence, it is advisable to stay vigilant about the careful Ph skin balance.

Including Sebamed skincare products for different skin types in your routine can ensure a perfect Ph balance. All products by Sebamed retain the skin pH balance of 5.5 that protects your skin from becoming dull and dry.

Significance of the skin’s Ph balance!

Do you know what happens if your skin is too alkaline? The result is your skin gets dry and sensitive. As a result, you might experience a distinct inflammation and various signs of aging. It happens as there are a few enzymes that destroy the collagen levels. And this happens when you ignore the pH value of the skin products. When you select products with a high pH or alkaline value, it might affect the skin permeability. And this leads to several skin infections, irritants, and allergies. High-level pH levels of skin can result in issues like:

  • Atopic dermatitis (or eczema)
  • Candidal intertrigo
  • Tinea pedis
  • Ichthyosis Vulgaris

So how to balance your skin pH naturally? And how to determine whether the pH level is well maintained or not? There are a few aspects that can help you to understand the concept of ph in detail.

How Sebamed helps your skin to achieve Ph 5.5?

  1. It maintains an acidic level of skin– Sebamed understands that your skin needs a pH level of 5.5 and ensures its proper functioning. Hence, every product by Sebamed has a Ph 5.5 value, which retains and locks the acidic levels and alkalinity of your skin. Sebamed skincare products for different skin types work as guards against various bacteria, toxins, and other external factors.
  2. Locks the moisture levels- Every product by Sebamed locks the moisture in your skin and ensures that it neither gets excessive oily nor becomes dry. As a result of which, the user avails an utterly gorgeous skin to live within.
  3. Ph value in Sebamed for hair care- Just like your skin, even the scalp and hair need moisture levels to stay thick, lustrous, and shiny. The absence of pH value in hair care products is also a damaging reason for your hair. You can also take advice from a dermatologist to better understand the Ph level of hair and analyze it for persistent skin or hair issues.

Image Source

All products by Sebamed follow the concept of ph 5.5 and maintains the natural skin ph balance. Makers consider the minute facts relating to shifts in ph values and shift it to the right values. Start using it today itself and identify the difference in your overall skin health.

How to figure out if the ph levels of your skin are off-balance?

Many indications ascertain the inappropriate pH value of your skin. Taking a glimpse at these signs can help you to identify the difference. Some of these signs are as below:

  • Eczema
  • Dry Patches
  • Excessive oiliness
  • Acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Rashes and allergies
  • Significant redness
  • Pre aging signs such as sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles

To find the natural skin Ph balance, you need to keep a frequent check on all these signs. If you spot any of them, switch to Sebamed skincare products for different skin types and get a new gorgeous skin, you would fall in love with.

What are the factors affecting the Ph balance of your skin?

Many things compile and lead to damaging skin. Hence, you also need to know about the factors that can disturb your skin’s ph levels. Only after that can you get to know how Sebamed helps your skin to achieve Ph 5.5.

  • Age- Only by using anti-aging creams full of chemicals you cannot control and stop the aging signs. With the increasing age, the alkaline levels of the skin also increase. It leads to pigmentation, allergies, and other skin issues.
  • High sun exposure- Harmful UV rays of the sun also spoil the natural skin’s acid mantle and lead to acne or dullness issues. Hence, it is better to avoid prolonged sun exposure or use Sebamed sunscreen lotion with an apt SPF protection to lock your skin health.
  • Using soap on the face- Any scrub, soap, or cleanser with even a small amount of soap is not apt for your skin health. Excess use of soap can lead to skin dryness and acne issues. Thus, soap bars are the main culprits to play with the ph balance of your skin. An average soap has a ph level of more than 9, which is way higher than the average ph of the skin. Hence, never make a mistake of using soap on the skin or lead to permanent damages.
  • A faulty diet- The choice of food you also eat directly impacts your skin’s ph balance. Ensure that you don’t consume very acidic foods. Too many breads, caffeine, alcohol, or processed grains can ruin the whole acid level of your stomach system.

Apart from all these, factors contributing to disturbed ph levels of skin are hot water on the face, harsh scrubs, and cleansers containing chemicals.

How to balance your skin ph naturally?

Repairing or restoring the ph level of skin is an extremely crucial step in skin health care. How Sebamed helps your skin achieve ph 5.5? All its products are well designed to retain the apt skin ph balance giving you radiant and glowing skin. You can use their exclusive range of skin or hair care products and notice the magical difference in skin health.

Other ways to maintain the natural skin ph balance are:

  1. Avoid using harsh soaps and cleansers- It is the first step towards maintaining good skin health. Soaps have extraordinarily harsh chemicals, which is why you need to opt only for Ph balanced products for skincare. Wash your face always with normal or lukewarm water.
  2. Use apple cider vinegar- Include apple cider vinegar as a part of your skin health routine. It is very effective in regulating the ph levels of the skin. Mix around half a cup of apple cider vinegar along with four cups of water. Now mix them and keep them in a spray bottle for use. Apply toner for a complete process. Opt for Sebamed toner and cleanser as dermatologists highly recommend it for best effects.
  3. Pick the best oils and moisturizers- When your age increases, the sebum, and natural skin oils start depleting. Hence, you need a recovery process to restore the oils by hydrating your skin and creating a moisture barrier. Skin products with good argan, jojoba, coconut, and olive oils help moisturize the skin.

Wrap up

Thankfully, the Sebamed skincare products for different skin types are a perfect solution to balance the ph level at 5.5. Besides, you also studied other ways on how to balance your skin pH naturally? Switch to the new skincare routine and consider your skin as the priority. It is the only way to stay happy, beautiful, and gorgeous always! Besides all this, follow a strict check on your skin ph levels by looking out for signs stated above. A cautious check on the skin can help retain the natural skin ph balance by following a proper routine. After all, you are the most precious thing you own, and taking self-care is divine!