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by Zubair Zh 08 Mar 2023 0 Comments

With a diverse range of skincare products available in the market, it gets a little challenging to choose from them. Plus it can be quite tempting to want to try them all. But if you have a sensitive skin type, you need to be extra cautious while choosing the skincare products that you can apply on your face and body. But it certainly does not mean that you can’t have fun with skincare routines. The first step leading towards better and healthy skin is understanding whether or not you have sensitive skin, if so, what is the cause. This blog will thoroughly educate the readers what to look for in skincare products and what ingredients to permit and which ones to avoid.


There is no single formula which tells you about your skin type. However, there are a few snitches that can surely help you determine your skin type. For instance, if you have reactive skin which turns red or becomes blotchy when exposed to things like sunlight, dust, and several other skincare products, when you have sensitive skin. 


If you speculate that you have a sensitive skin, then you would probably want to look out for a few things. First things first, try using products which are fragrance free and free of alcohol. Secondly try to look for things that are scientifically tested for sensitive skin types and keep your routine as basic as possible. 


If you’re still confused as to how to pamper your skin appropriately, SEBAMED has listed 5 phenomenal ways which, if followed, can do wonders to your skin. Have a look: 


  • Remove your makeup gently

So how do you say goodnight to your sparkling party eyes, without it meaning nightmares for your sensitive skin? Of Course not. A sensitive skin is naturally more liable to redness and irritability. Therefore friction in the form of additional layers on your skin must be kept minimum. Use a prime-quality make-up remover that is specifically designed according to your skin type which will have just the right amount of ingredients to dissolve and lift the makeup. 


  • Cleanse your skin regularly

It is totally understandable that several skincare steps are often overlooked to avoid upsetting your sensitive skin and hence missed. In reality, when the dead skin skin cells are left on the skin, they somehow try to penetrate into the skin pores, which as a consequence, irritate sensitive skin even more. Add a SEBAMED cleansing bar to your daily routine for in-depth skin nourishment and rejuvenation. It gives you a natural glow and cleanses your skins’ deep pores. 


  • Use a moisturizer made with your skin in mind.

SEBAMED moisturizer will keep moisture within the skin and protect against pollution, harsh weather, chemicals and all the other environmental factors which may contribute to an unhealthy skin. Warm the moisturizer between your palms first to help it glide over your skin. Pro tip: applying it to dap skin will help it absorb instantly and lock the moisture for extra hydration.

 SEBAMED moisturizer is

  • Highly concentrated phytosterols which help to soothe skin to relieve tension and irritation
  • Natural skin-related lipids increase elasticity
  • Revitalizing moisture complex counteracts dehydration.


  • Choose the best face wash and relax!

Washing your face punctually is significant in order to maintain a healthy-looking skin. Throughout the day, your skin gets exposed to harmful rays, bacteria, pollutants and what not. Washing your face with a suitable face wash can remove these impurities and help your skin get a fresher look. Plenty of face washes available in the market consist of chemicals which can be quite hard on the skin. But the avant-garde nourishment face wash gel of SEBAMED with a Ph 5.5 acts as a complete shield and face care regime for you. Whether it is daunting blackheads, blemishes, or acnes, with SEBAMED face wash gel, literally everything is sorted. 


  • Don’t forget foot and hand cream.

Without a doubt, your foot and hand cream demands equal, if not more, attention when it comes to skincare regime. In the midst of this aggressive environment, your hands and feet might get cracks or cuts, these creams will prevent your hands and feet from getting dry and rough while revealing soft, silky and smooth skin. Get your hands on our foot cream which contains allantoin giving quick relief from the crack and calluses, and hand cream which has the right amount of shea butter and avocado oil which works as regenerator complexes for sensitive skin. 


A few minutes, warm, clean hands and enough product on your fingers to apply on your skin is all you need. Work your fingertips in small, circular motion across the T-zone, temples and neck. Book the best skin care products for sensitive skin and enjoy the magic.

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