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by Zubair Zh 08 Mar 2023 0 Comments

Skin is the most prominent, vital, and largest organ of the body which requires consistent care and maintenance as it is exposed to the UV rays from the sun and the damaging effects of harsh environments. Skin is also important regarding health as it serves as the first line of defense against invading microbes and protects us from a broad spectrum of all possible infections.


In return for serving so many purposes for our body, our skin demands to be taken care of, by drinking plenty of water, keeping up with good hygiene, and using the best skincare products in Pakistan which are dermatologically tested and verified. Maintaining a skincare routine that is minimal yet effective has to be the only intention of using skincare products.


Finding skincare products that suit your skin type requires effective research and expert knowledge to provide your skin with exactly what it needs. Understanding your skin type and choosing the perfect products makes your skincare regime effective.


Different Skin Types and Their Needs

Every skin is different, having a unique texture, genetics, sebaceous secretions, hydratio9n, and sensitivity level. All of these factors classify every skin type into 5 distinct categories:


  • Normal skin:

It is a very stable skin type that is neither too dry nor too oily, it is not prone to acne or other allergic reactions. It has a fine appearance with a regular and clean texture.


Normal skin requires a very simple skincare regime, which includes healthy moisturizing, using a good nourishing serum, applying SPF, and drinking plenty of water.


  • Oily skin:

It has excessive sebum production due to genetics or hormonal causes. Oily skin is mostly identified by its shiny appearance due to sebum secretion. In addition to these, oily skin has pores as well, and all of these characteristics are related to the cause of acne.


Oily skin is very prone to acne and therefore, requires special care such as using toners with salicylic acid or lactic acids, using a lightweight water-based moisturizer in the morning and night to provide your skin with ample hydration, and using masks that control sebum production. You can find these skincare products in Pakistan at Sebamed, which has a very wide range of products for oily skin, to make it healthier and less prone to acne.


  • Dry skin:

Dry skin is usually caused by certain environmental factors, medications, or genetics. It is a condition caused when the skin is unable to retain its moisture. Dry skin is also identified by its cracky appearance, redness, flakiness, and itching.

If you have dry skin you should focus on moisturizing your skin daily in the morning and at night with gentle moisturizers that are not harsh on the skin, harsh skincare products tend damaging your skin. Gentle exfoliation also plays a key role in removing dead skin and reviving the glow of your skin. All of these skincare products in Pakistan are easily available at Sebamed and are very beneficial to the skin in a pocket-friendly range.


Combination skin:


It is a combination of two or more skin types. Combination skin is usually identified by dryness on the cheeks and a shiny appearance on the forehead which is due to excessive sebum production on the T-zone. The needs of a combination skin vary from season to season so, you have to understand its needs at a particular time and act accordingly.


Combination skin has two concerns, overproduction of sebum in one zone and lack of moisture in the other zone of the face. So, you have to choose a toner or a serum that fulfills both concerns of your skin, which you can get at amazing prices at Sebamed.


Sensitive skin:


It occurs due to the genetic combination of the individuals, that the skin barrier doesn’t work normally and whenever the skin is exposed to the sun or any other irritant, it overreacts and becomes severely inflamed.


Sensitive skin requires products specially made without scented ingredients o other components that might be too harsh on the skin. A good amount of moisturizing daily also helps to maintain healthy skin.


 The Benefits of a Proper Skincare Routine


Maintaining a proper skincare routine with the best skin care products is very essential for making your skin healthy and coping with the extremities of the environment. A properly followed skincare regime has proven benefits for the skin but it has to be very simple and minimal with the skin care products that suit your skin type perfectly. Some of the benefits of proper skincare steps are:

  • It improves hydration and makes your skin healthy,
  • It helps your skin to retain moisture, revive its glow and keep it free from dryness,
  • It keeps your skin forever young,
  • It reduces pigmentation and clogged pores,
  • Makes your skin the best version of itself,
  • Makes you feel good about yourself, and
  • Boosts your confidence,


All of these benefits are possible only when you use the best skincare products according to your skin type, and are consistent with your skincare routine, to provide you with the most amazing results. The most affordable and effective skin care products in Pakistan are provided to you by Sebamed, the most well-known skincare brand with an amazing product range.


 Tips for Creating a Skincare Routine with the best skincare products 


Creating a skincare routine and being consistent with it, contributes immensely to making your skin shine, making you feel good about yourself, enhancing your personality, and making you attractive. Moreover, a proper skincare routine is a need for your skin to deal with environmental problems and the chaos of life.


Following a skincare routine becomes much more fun when you have the right kind of skincare products that work magically on your skin and you can feel a clear difference in your skin after using them properly. This also motivates you to be consistent with your routine and builds punctuality in your personality.


A key role here is played by the skincare products you choose to use. Considering Sebamed to get the best skincare products and creating an effective skincare routine has multiple benefits, some of which are enlisted below:

    • Cleansing: Cleansing your skin helps to remove dirt, oil, and other impurities that can clog pores and lead to acne or other skin issues. The cleanser you choose has to be according to your skin’s needs like oily skin needs a water-based cleanser so that it minimizes your sebum production and provides ample nourishment to the skin.
    • Hydration: Using a moisturizer or other hydrating product can help to keep your skin hydrated, which can improve its texture and appearance, making it healthy and young. The moisturizers available at Sebamed have all the necessary ingredients to provide your skin with a healthy glow without making it too oily and other skincare products that you would want for young and captivating skin.
    • Exfoliation: Exfoliating your skin can help to remove dead skin cells, which can improve the overall look and feel of your skin. Gentle exfoliation is very essential, you have to be very careful with the skincare products you use, as the use of too many or too harsh products tends to damage your skin. You can find a suitable exfoliator specifically made for your skin type at Sebamed, which provides the most affordable skin care products in Pakistan.
  • SPF:  A very important step of a good skincare routine is the use of sunblock to protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun, help your skin in retaining its glow, keep it fresh and young, and save it from pigmentation and open pores.


 Why are Sebamed’s skincare products ideal for a skincare routine?


Selecting skin care products according to your skin type, creating a simple skincare regime, and following it consistently are the secrets of healthy and young skin. It requires a proper understanding of your skin type and knowledge of the products and the ingredients they include, whether they are beneficial or not.


Sebamed products are the perfect range to choose from because of the formulas they have used in their skincare products, making each product unique for a distinct skin type, fulfilling its needs and demands. Sebamed offers the range of the most cost-effective yet the best skincare products in Pakistan, providing a wide range to choose from, with each product particular for every skin type.


Sebamed has proven to be a top-notch brand when it comes to skincare, treating every skin distinctively, considering the concerns of the clients, and providing them with the best advice and skin care products in Pakistan that works magically for their skin.




  1. How often should I use skincare products?

The skin care products should be used daily in properly followed steps, one after the other in the skincare routine you choose for yourself, and should be consistent in it to get the best results.


  1. Can skincare products help to improve the appearance of acne and other blemishes?

Skincare products are the best to control acne and other skin-related problems and to reduce them to the maximum degree. Using effective skincare products also minimizes the chances of developing age-related skin issues like pigmentation.


  1. Are skincare products safe to use?

Skincare products are safe only when they are made with ingredients that don’t have damaging effects on your skin, like fragrance-free skincare products, and you have the understanding of what suits your skin best. Otherwise, using products that don’t go well with your skin type might result in some side effects.




Your skin is the most prominent organ of your body which serves the vital function of protection as well. Your skin is always exposed to the external environment and to cope with it, the skin requires special care and attention.


For choosing skincare products, you should have a better understanding of your skin, the problems it deals with, the environment it is exposed to, and what it demands. 

Sebamed products are dermatologically tested, free from all cruelties, and the best skin care products you can even choose for yourself. Sebamed has brought to you a diverse range of skin care products in Pakistan that are specifically desi for every distinct skin type according to their respective needs avoiding every little thing that might harm it.

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