12 Baby Bath Supplies and Essentials Checklist for First-Time Parents!

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It is heavenly to hold a newborn baby for the first time in your arms! Being a parent is a journey filled with happiness, concern, joy and nervousness. After experiencing their movements for the 9 months in the womb, its now the moment to enjoy their company. But aren’t first-time parents worried and anxious about baby care and hygiene? Now, all you need is the best baby bath essentials that are suitable for their delicate skin.

Anything harsh could damage or cause reactions to babies, and this is quite worrisome! So, let’s sneak over the checklist of the most important baby bath supplies and baby essentials kits that you must keep handy. After all, parents cannot settle for anything but the best for the newborns’ tender baby skin.

Here are the things to consider while preparing the baby essentials kit for the first time:

  • All the products you choose must be dermatologically tested.
  • Every baby care product needs to undergo approval by an expert paediatrician.
  • The products listed must be hypoallergenic.
  • It should have a very mild fragrance as strong smells could disturb the babies.
  • Products should be gentle and mild so that the original moisture content retains in their sensitive skin.
  • Most importantly, check the Ph value of every product you select and ensure that it is also Paraben-free.

When you find a suitable product that matches all these criteria, you can surely consider it for your newborn baby!

Baby Bath Essentials and Supplies for Complete Hygiene and Care!

Baby skin is very delicate, and it slowly nurtures with the right oil massages, a cleansing bar, lotions, powder, oil and many other products. Therefore, first-time parents need to stay very cautious about their baby essentials kit as every product could positively or negatively impact the baby’s skin.

Although many brands are out in the market and sometimes it is overwhelming to make the right selection. But Sebamed baby care range understand the baby skin and creates specialized products that restore the natural acid mantle of their skin at a Ph Value of 5.5.

Here are the products that could help in developing and taking care of your baby’s gentle skin:

1. Cleansing Bar:

Bathing time is the most relaxing time for babies. Newborn babies are more prone to vomits, poop, and other natural ways of flushing out excess milk. This makes it necessary to clean them up quite often to prevent any allergies in any part of their bodies. A good cleansing bar can help in nourishing their skin and at the same time ensure complete hygiene for your baby. Hence, it is a must in the Baby bath essentials list.

Why SebaMed baby Cleansing bar:?

Sebamed cleansing bar is a premium product made in Germany and is 100% free from soap and alkali. It has an effective moisturizing complex packed with amino acids and other vitamins, which thoroughly nourishes the soft baby skin. Apart from hydrating and retaining the moisture in your baby’s skin, it also maintains the natural lipid balance.

  • Panthenol content regenerates the skin pores, and Chamomile gives a soothing effect to the skin.
  • The baby-friendly fragrance that is free from chemicals.
  • Ideal to use after 1st month.
  • Dermatologically tested and approved by experts

Above all, it maintains the natural acid mantle of the baby’s skin with a pH value of 5.5 and is proven for 0% allergic reactions in babies. You need to apply this Sebamed cleansing bar softly on their skin and avoid excessive scrubbing to prevent skin hazards.

2. Body Wash:

Many parents prefer using a body wash before the cleansing bar is it much milder on the delicate and fragile baby skin. After a good relaxing oil massage, using a good quality paraben-free baby body wash helps ensure complete cleanliness of the sensitive baby skin.

Why SebaMed Gentle Baby wash: ?

Parents must include this excellent German-based product by Sebamed into their list of baby bath supplies. This product is a sugar-based mild cleanser with a Ph of 5.5. Most of the cleansers have the Ph value>7 that results in barrier damage. Protecting the acid mantle of the baby’s skin is essential, especially till the first 3 weeks. Sebamed baby gentle wash restricts the growth of Pathogenic bacteria and prevents moisture loss from their skin. It is also free from irritants and therefore comprises 0% reactions and allergies.

  • Delicate wash for the baby skin
  • No irritability
  • The tear-free formula for babies
  • Contains lipids similar to that in Vernix
  • Approved by top pediatricians and dermatologists.

3. Shampoo for Hair Care:

Most Parents often ignore this item in their baby essentials kit as they feel baby hair do not need a special shampoo. However, it is wrong, and you need to be vigilant about the right hair care from the start itself. A regular deep oil massage into their scalp and a hair wash will mild baby shampoo ensure complete hair care of your little one. After all, their hair also needs the right nourishment to grow strong and shine amazingly.

Why Sebamed Baby Shampoo:?

Sebamed is a leading brand that is mild on a baby’s sensitive skin, and its every product is designed to lock the natural acid mantle of your baby’s skin. Our baby shampoo comprises mild cleansers that evenly removes all the dirt without causing any irritation to their scalp. It also consists of gerbil extracts from chamomile, which alleviates the itchiness and completely soothes the skin from within. Besides, it comes with a special ‘No Tears’ formula and botanical fragrance to please your baby.

  • Apt to use after 6 months
  • Babies suffering from eczema, dandruff or cradle cap can also get nourishment with this mild shampoo.
  • Suitable for hair care in infants with sensitive scalp.
  • Dermatologically tested shampoo

While you apply the Sebamed Baby shampoo on their scalp, massage gently and do not leave it for too long as a week. Ensure that it does not come in contact with their eyes.

4. Diaper Rash Cream

When planning the minimalist baby essentials, a good quality rash cream is a must in your cart. Even if you opt for the best quality diapers, a good rash cream helps keep the gentle baby skin away from any boils and rashes. It is ideal for applying a little bit of rash cream post every diaper change. Regular application of this cream on their butt and waist area prevents skin rashes and protects them from dryness.

Why Sebamed Diaper Rash Cream:?

Baby skin is delicate, and the advanced Sebamed diaper rash cream skilfully stimulates healing in the intimate areas of baby skin. The Panthenol content ensures reliable protection, and the squalane offers the required lipid support to the skin. It also acts as a barrier to acquire the natural PH value of 5.5 in their skin and ensures overall protection and hygiene. Babies can spend cozy nights with uninterrupted sleep as this rash cream waives away all the discomfort and irritation caused due to diapers.

  • 35% Lipid content
  • Ph 5.5 help in normalizing skin that gets elevated due to urine contact
  • Prevents any microorganisms and bacteria to cause skin infection.
  • Allantoin content gives a smooth and supple texture to the baby skin.
  • Frequent use in the skin around genital areas helps in avoiding rashes and gives smooth skin.

5. Baby massage Oil:

Soft oil massages are crucial to growth and development in newborn babies. Parents must include a soothing massage oil in their baby essentials kit. Massages calm down the irritation in babies, relaxes them and also aids in developing stronger bones.

Hence, the choice of the right massage oil can make a lot of difference in your baby’s skin texture and muscle strength. A light oil that soaks deep into the skin without disrupting the natural acid mantle helps prevent skin dryness. In summers, take little quantities to avoid stickiness in their skin.

Why Sebamed Baby Skin Care Oil: ?

Good quality baby skincare oil ensures complete protection of your baby’s sensitive skin. It constitutes Emollient along with 95% natural soy oils for complete moisturization. Sebamed Baby oil is also rich in Vitamin F formula and soya oil compounds that accelerate skin tolerability. It is a great product for the overall care of the gentle baby skin, and parents can start using it right from day 7 of the baby’s birth.

  • Helps in relaxing the baby
  • Almost no irritant reactions
  • Gives soft and supple baby skin
  • Prevent sky dryness by restoring natural moisture.

6. Baby Powder:

With a good quality baby powder, you can freshen up the babies after every change. Parents need to stay cautious about no sticking of baby joints near ears, legs or legs, common in the first few months. Thus, including it in minimalist baby essentials is imperative. Application of baby powder at the joints and folds helps prevent the skin from getting sticky or developing redness in it.

Why Sebamed Baby Powder: ?

Sebamed baby powder comes with olive oil extracts that help in preventing dryness in the baby’s skin. It also consists of Allantoin that offers you smooth and soft skin. Parents can start using this powder from 1 month onwards. The soothing botanical fragrance also makes your little one feel happy. It absorbs all additional moisture from the baby’s skin so that they can feel comfortable in it. There is also an extra soft formula with Allantoin, which prevents the baby skin from all types of irritation.

  • Ideal for infants with sensitive skin
  • Almost no allergic reactions
  • Absorbs excess skin oils
  • Apply gently on your baby’s skin.

7. Baby Lotion:

A skin-friendly baby lotion also aids in moisturizing the soft baby skin from the pores. Hence, you must search for products that are free from Silicon and Paraben as they can harm your babies’ delicate skin. You can go for the Sebamed baby care lotion that comes with Chamomile extracts, allantoin and other natural oils that can protect your baby’s skin from all types of irritation. It also ensures better skin hydration in them. Hence, you should include it in your baby bath supplies checklist and ensure smooth and soft baby skin.

Why SebaMed Baby Lotion: ?

With SebaMed Baby Lotion, you can able to moisturize and nourish your baby’s skin properly. The lotion comprises natural lipids and a pH level of 5.5 Ordinary baby lotions have a pH greater than 7 and contain propylene glycol and parabens that cause skin irritation and burning sensation. However, Sebamed lotion contains 7 percent sorbitol +
lecithin + natural lipids, ensuring hydration for a long period.

8. Baby Bathtub:

The bathtub is a good way to ensure a comfortable bathing experience for your little one. But you must choose the right design, material and size of the tub to ensure that your baby enjoys the bathing session. It is vital to opt for a high-grade bathtub material as the regular cheap plastic might cause a reaction on your baby’s sensitive skin.

9. Hooded baby towels:

After the rejuvenating baby bath, you need a soft and cosy hooded towel to help them in accommodating the temperature difference as bathrooms are warm and humid inside. Hoods can cover up their ears and ensure protection from the drop in temperature. There are various such towels accessible in the market, and you can make the right choice out of them.

10. Baby Nail Clipper:

There are special nail clippers available online to trim down the tiny baby nails with care. Your baby essentials kit must include this nail clipper so that your baby does not get hurt while you chip their nails off. As babies have a constant habit of scratching their faces, long nails could hurt their tender eyes and soft skin. Hence, nail clippers should be a part of their daily bath care regime.

11. Baby Comb:

Baby hair are usually frizzy unless you nurture them with the right baby oil massages and shampoo washes. To ensure their tangle-free hair, brushing and regular combing is necessary. Baby hairbrush has soft bristles that render a smooth effect on the baby’s scalp and improvises their blood circulation.

12. Bath Toys:

Babies can have more fun when there are toys around. With the help of baby bath toys in their tub, you can indulge them in a better cleaning session, and they could soon become water babies. Keeping such toys handy is a great idea to make bath-time entertaining for them. Include them as a part of your minimalist baby essentials checklist!

Wrapping Up!

Pepping up your baby for the first bath is never easy. They are very little and fragile creatures that need to be handled with utmost care. And parents need to very thoughtful and picky while selecting the products for their babies.

It is always advisable to go for minimalist baby essentials that do not cause any harm to the sensitive baby skin. When you are buying baby care products, they need to free from chemicals or any other substances that can cause rashes or harm the baby skin in any means. Hence, the above guide of baby bath essentials can help you prevent the last-minute fuss and be ready for baby care and hygiene with this quick checklist. Happy Parenting!

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